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Welcome Houston Dynamo

January 28, 2011 Leave a comment

To what, I dont know.

As the MLS have just released today, and anyone with an ear for soccer (basically noone associated with this blog) have heard that the Houston Dynamo are now in the Eastern Conference

Now to refer back to my “To what” comment.  This isn’t news, at least for anyone who truely realizes the errors of American sports concepts with poorly run leagues.  Conferences are set up, normally, to create a diversity and depth to the playoff pictures in other leagues.  4 to 6 teams from each conference enter the playoffs, and play their own people in the playoffs, and come to the inevitable conclusion of “The best of each side” in the final.  Well, that’s not what the MLS does.  To avoid seeming too foreign, they created a 2 conference league, have everyone play eachother the same amount of times, and ultimately give the top 8 teams a playoff picture.  As of now, since they may change this…who knows… the top 2 from each conference are guaranteed in the playoffs.  Ok, much like any other league.  Then there are 4 wild card spots.  How are these spots decided?  Best record overall in the entire league.  Not split by conferences.

As we know, last year’s “Eastern championship” was won by a western team.  If there’s any dumbing down of a sport standings to americanize something, it makes it pretty damn hard to explain why that happened. 

So my welcome to the Houston Dynamo, basically means nothing.  It’s just to say “Hello, you are now considered East in the United States.  Nothing has changed for you.  Move along.”

I would have hoped my most recent post would be one of some substance, but instead, nothing new has been released or changed, or even in sight.

On another note, they actually released the contract with the changes to roster rules and explained them in a little more detail with the re-entry draft process and the home grown player acts… These, in other words, are nothing new.  The one thing that is new is that Canadian teams are require to have at least 3 Canucks involved, and that American players are considered domestic.

Can the next big announcement just be the regular season schedule… I’m getting tired of waiting.