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Where do your loyalties lie?

July 25, 2011 14 comments

I believe that anyone who went to the match VERSUS Real Madrid on Saturday all has had an experience with this – Local people wearing Real Madrid jerseys.  You would have noticed a number 7 on the back, most likely.  The typical wearer would also be female, white, and from West Chester.  Yes, I am stereotyping.

Let me get this off my chest – If you are from Philadelphia, or the surrounding areas – born here and not a first generation born of parents from a foreign country (most likely spain, maybe portugal, mexico however has no excuse) YOU ARE MORONIC FOR ROOTING FOR REAL MADRID!

I get the point of these friendlies – advertising the lesser league with the big marquee money maker.  I wouldn’t have much of an issue if Ronaldo, their “star” wasn’t so much a fashionista than a soccer player.  BUT, a huge one, if you are from Philadelphia and do not support the local team – there is no excuse.

This goes along the lines in all sports.  I understand that maybe you live here, but you were originally from New York or Arizona and don’t support any Philadelphia teams.  That’s understood.  If I moved I would expect my children to root for the local team even though I would always be rooting for Philadelphia, it’s a common concept.  If you are American and from DC or New York and came to see the game, I have no issue with you.  It’s everyone from here that I have the issue with.  If you consider yourself a Philadelphian (suburbanite included) through and through, then why were you not rooting for the Union on Saturday.  Why were you doing the wave?  You did realize that was in support of Real, right?  It’s not a soccer thing (here), right?  It’s also bloody stupid anymore.

Now to my actual reaction to the game – it was fun.  I enjoyed it (minus not truely being able to heckle thanks to the 5 teenage girls who were ronaldo’s fan club in the section).  We sat above and to the left of the Supporters End, and it was marvelous seeing from that angle.  You could see the entire crowd, and to be honest, it was sickening when I saw 90% of the crowd rooting for “Madri” at one point… but the overwhelming outnumbered support had no hampering on the game or the stands from what I could tell. 

It was a friendly, it was meant as fun.  And, it was even better because it was a GOOD game.  Both teams had plenty of shots, possession, and attacking.  We understand Real wasn’t trying necessarily too hard, either because of the heat, a friendly, or cause they were dogging it (really, they didn’t play up to full par and could still probably massacre us) but it made it enjoyable.  If there were any fights, it’s because someone needs to not watch green street hooligans, or needs to lay off the booze.  – i was just notified of a big fight after the match which I apparently walked past after the fact, it wasn’t as big as it was made out to be, but consisted of people in phillies gear – so to my point, lay off the booze.  But I think overall the fans were there just to see one of the best teams in the world play our local team.  And in that, I think no one left feeling unsatisfied, and that we all had a good time. 

Back to my original commentary – if this was a game that mattered, say the Champions League, and the Linc was that overwhelmed with away support, there is seriously something very wrong with your mindset…

But I know that there are many converts, or at least people now interested to see the Union, and in that, it was a success.


Union @ Timbers 1st Half commentary

May 6, 2011 Leave a comment

I’ll try to update this as much as possible during the first half.  Same for the 2nd.

The starting 11 has been announced, and twitter is all a flutter, get it?  like little birds?  Anyway, we are all confused.  Harvey out with a red, and Califf is out sick.  No Gonzalez, who is our only back up natural defender… not even on bench.  This makes no sense.  Top that with putting Migs in of all people into the CD position, and you lose blood in your head.  M Farfan is replacing Harvey in LB after his primo showing last week.  Keon Daniel however, is NOT in the lineup which makes no sense.  Must have crossed the coach…  That or Nowak is treating the Timbers like a bushleague team… which you could assume so because of their gimmicks.

EDIT:  Just got word that Migs is not starting, and Gabe Farfan is in the CB position.  Everyone breathes a sigh of relief.  Wonder twins activate!

Pregame has started, and suprise! It’s raining in Portland.  Reasons why I’ll never move south or to the west.  The pregame has us listed as a 4-3-3, let’s hope this is not the case as we are terrible with it.

Post to be updated once game starts.

0′ – Well, that game’s practically over.  No more Flyers for now!
0′ – And here we go with unnecessary FSC graphics to get people intrigued in a station you still have to pay for. – No one’s gonna find this station if they don’t have it.
0′ – So many flags… wonder if anyone there knows semaphore…
1′ – And we’re off!
1′ – And it trickles to Mondragon
1′ – Wide right shot goes wide.
2′ – Apologies, I’m rusty at this.  I’ll get better.
2′ – Mwanga in the middle, passes to Farfan who cuts it back.  Some midfield passing… and a text distracted me and i missed how their goalie got it… phone off (this isn’t going well).
4′ – Some non-exciting back and forth play currently.  A Portland drive ends in an offsides.  The weird lineup is strategically taxing on a viewer.
5′ – M Farfan freekick into the box ends in a headed clear out.  Nice free kick.  Ball goes out of bounds and is apparently portland’s /kanyeshrug.
7′ – Some nice midfield defense by the Union cutting off any fast counters the Timbers are expecting to do to us.
8′ – Timber’s appeals for handball go down in flames as play goes on, and the possession challenge continues.
9′ – Mwanga with a nice run down the side, but gets cleared out.  Gabe with a throw in.
9′ – Gabe pushed down, but the refs are being homers… and… um..i dont know what’s going on.
10′ – Perlaza is sick. Kept onsides by a union failed header, and almost gets fouled inside the box by two of our guys, but he’s not ronaldo.  Corner kick.
10′ Mondragon a beast, is fouled, yet ther’s no call.  Ball gets cleared, and comes back only for him to take control of it.  Timbers are invoking the beast.
’11 – I know they sing songs 4 or 5 times in a row, but I remember this from their home opener… I think this is the only song the Timber army sings…
12′ – Mapp with a nice steal, yet gives it back away.  Traces of migs continue.
13′ – Cooper with a nice break, looses his feet and facepalms himself with Sheanon Williams’ own hand.
13′ – And there’s the chain saw.  Stick it Joey, it’s gonna flood again and you won’t be able to start it.
14′ – Nice touch cross direct into the box from midfield to Cooper, who chested it into a clear by the union.  Play continued and what seemed like a foul, but the ref waves on for the player to get up.  Let ’em play.
15′-16′ – Portland has controlled possession.  This isn’t good.
16′ – Williams is in RCD? … so confused by this lineup.
17′ – Mapp = rusty…  Farfan bros look sick –  someone get a tifo of them as the Mario Brothers? please.
18′ – Moving forward goes nowhere, gabe to throw in.  Cut off and cleared out….
18′ – That’s not the Califf elbow, the Perlaza kick nails Gabe Farfan in the face with a high kick.  Gets a yellow for his trouble.
19′ – Le Toux free kick has distance, but still wide.
20′ – This is harder than I remember.  Union get control, and lose control of it crossing it forward.
21′ – Union throw in in Timbers zone again.
21′ – Carroll gives up a pass and kills the offensive momentum, what was building (yes i’m seeing things)
22′ – Dangerous run down the far side of the field by Timbers, Williams does like a good defender and forces a goal kick.
23′ – Through ball to Perlaza looks dangerous but falters.  Goes back to Timbers D-line and they then air express it to us, we air express it back… and … um.. Portland has the ball again at this point.
25′ – Not anything very exciting.  A pointless lunge behind the ball by Mapp on Chara gets him a Yellow.  The score is nothing nothing, but tied for Yellows.  Again, Mapp = rust right now.
26′ – Valdes clears the ball for a corner from the box, but Mondragon was going to scoop it… Miscommunication and I’m sure Valdes is going to hear it… eventually.
27′ – Corner results to nothing.
28′ – Good low shot by Timbers, Mondragon eats it.  Kicks it out.
29′ – A decent air ball to Jewsbury from midfield, goes over the head in the box, and trickles out the endline for a goal kick.
30′ – Throw in for Timbers in our zone.  No possession for us.  Long throw, headed to Le Toux who half clears it into a quarter field battle.
31′ – Williams with a good block to get possession and stop the timbers offense at that point – dangerous run by the timbers.
32′ – We need control.  We just need to keep the ball.  No more giving the Timbers the ball.
33′ – Speaking of, we have possession and control… and as I typed it, we lost it.  doh. I’m a jinx.
33′ – Mapp runs down the right side and tries to cross it, but waited too long and crossed it out of the endline.  Goal kick.
34′-35′ – the width of the field is hurting the Timbers too as they can’t get any good side runs / crosses / bend it like beckam’s.  they look dangerous, but not so much.
35-36′ – Mwanga to Mapp who takes it down to the line and passes it back to Mwanga in the box,  he settles it and tries to get a low cross into the box for ANYONE, but goes to the keeper.
36-37” – Gabe looked threatening on the left side, tried to gain room and play footsie before a cross but loses it.  Mwanga recovered and back to gabe, who lost it again.  Timbers counterattack down the right dangerously who crosses it into nothing.  Ball bounces back and forth and again! with a dangerous cross.  Union clear, thankfully.  Throw in Timbers.
38′ – Nagbe with a dangerous cross into the Union box to almost no one.  This is getting shaky.
38′ – Through ball to Perlaza, which the ball didn’t wanna go to Perlaza and took a skip farther away from him and out the endline.  Goalkick.
39′ – Mwanga with a break down the right side… low cross into Ruiz gets cut off, bounces to Le Toux who makes a weak stab at it at point blank range and goes directly into the keeper.
41′ – Okugo knocks down Timber.  Free kick about 25 from the goal.
42′ – Kick goes into the crowd and headed out to the side.  Danger clear …for now.
42′ – Timbers regain possession, shocker.
43′ – Cross goes BEHIND everyone… sigh…
43′ – Le Toux crosses it in for a head to head challenge, too high for Ruiz, but goes out off a timber.  CORNER!
44′ – Mapp takes, short and gets blocked by a timber.  Mapp regains the ball and passes back to Gabe.  Reset.
45′ – Jewsbury with a free kick into the box, which gets headed by Brunner and only JUST over the goal… Just… 0-0 still
45′-ET- Trow in Mapp on the right side near timber side… where’s Williams?
45′-ET- M Farfan throwin now on right side…  Challenged out into the middle.
There’s the whistle…

0-0 still.  Yellow Mapp, Yellow Perlaza.  Timbers maintained posession throughout the half, and various dangerous ‘attempts’, much resulting in nothing thanks to our d-line.  There are some flaws starting to show through on both teams though, especially now that the game is picking up.

GAMEDAY – Philadelphia Union at Portland Timbers – stream

May 6, 2011 1 comment

In case you don’t have FSC, register here for MLS Direct Kick –  You don’t have to sign up and pay, it’s free (or should be… never know) for this weekend.  Soccer night in America is free, as long as you’re looking for it.

Stay tuned for our (my…) first half Live commentary coming up – to be posted at the half.  And 2nd half to be posted afterwards.  Minute by minute, action by action… if you want to look back on it instead… yea, we should really get one of those live stream things going on here.

Starting 11

UNION – Mondragon; M Farfan, Valdes, Miglioranz, Williams; Le Toux, Okugo, Carroll, Mapp; Mwanga, Ruiz

Timbers – Perkins; Wallace, Danso, Brunner, Hall; Alhassan, Jewsbury, Chara, Nagbe; Perlaza, Cooper

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2nd half live stream commentary – Union vs Galaxy

October 7, 2010 Leave a comment

During the recaps, of the week, they showed Buddle’s 15th goal earlier this week.  Now you’re just bragging.

I have 2 cats now (it’s Dan streaming this, not nick) but they’ve been hiding all night… probably a bad sign.

46 – missed some action but come back to Mapp chasing a ball out the goal line… I can assume the rest beforehand.
46 – announcers giving credit to Moreno… yea, we do love the guy, and he’s around the ball enough (as much as he’s on the ground) but don’t give him that much credit.
47 – Some air battle, clears by LA into our end, matched by clears out, rinse, and repeat…
47 – Donovan gets the ball and crosses into the box…Harvey dive heads it back to Knighton. Crisis averted
48 – Announcers comment on how Donovan is probably tired… i think his hairline is.
49 – OOOOoo..  Ball comes to Mapp, and he drills a half cross, half shot at goal from distance and is just wide and high of the corner.  Out for a goal kick.
49 – Le toux touches to mapp who is forced to pass early to Le toux which is intercepted.
50 – Mwanga to mapp who plays into the middle and tries to get into the box “on his favored left foot” but nothing comes of it…
50 – Le Toux signals the out of bonds by LA and it’s given, throw in PU…. results in nothing but Donovan touching it…
51 – Califf with a BEAUTIFUL standing tackle resulting in another attempt at playmaking… ball gets settled…
52 – Williams crosses it in…but FedEx’s it at Rickets, LA ball.
53 – Mapp to Le Toux, who does what he’s good at, makes signals to Mwanga and plays it to him, who plays it to Nukes who tries a long shot but gets deflected by LA D… Cleared and back to us.
54 – Mwanga is 2 goals short of most goals scored by a teenager (shit, he’s younger than me..oh yea..) which the record is held by Altidore.
54 – Why isn’t Le Toux our captain, he’s in on every play, offense or defense, he’s obviously the heart of the team.
55 – I think i saw someone i know in the river end video shot…
55 – Birchell makes a play to Franklin who makes a run..with a diversion by Donovan to draw a defender away. Franklin makes a shot but goes wide.
56 – Donovan caught offsides.  He’s making sure that people realize he’s on the field and no longer in Everton.
57 – For those who don’t know, that’s a British soccer team…look it up.
57 – USWNT for soccer is in attendance at PPL…
57 – Mapp makes a cross into Mwanga in the box, but the header is weak and wide.
58 – Buddle looks like one of those statues on Easter Island………
58 – Mwanga settles it to a Mapp break down the side line…. crosses to Le toux in the box but overuns the ball and can’t keep control. LA plays damage control and clears.
59 – Mwanga tries to give Le Toux a break…but is 10 yards to far and wide…goes to our resident pot head… i mean Rickets (GK LA)
60 – Another attack gets broken down by LA.  Results in a steal and a counter, which is then broken down again.
60 – Beckham has in he reserved 2 suites, 1 penthouse, and the whole art museum, and runs down the sideline and crosses the Buddle, but buddle had to run backwards a bit to head it, and heads it wide.
61 – Mwanga to Mapp outside the box, holds it, plays it to eventually jacobson, and the play gets too confuddled and is cleared… throw in PU
62 – Williams low crosses and CALIFF almost has it, but gets deflected out, throw in PU.
62 – Result of long throw – nada.
62 – Result of XX – 3 bottles down…i need a 4th…
63 – Le Toux down the side, plays into the middle and tries to get it to a covered Mwanga, which then gets tapped out and Le Toux tries to recover it… gets cleared back.
63 – Williams with a run and an attempt, dribbles it way too far and runs into a defender crossing his path in front of him, no foul on either, ball goes out for a goal kick.
64 – Who has a dime bag at PPL, send it Rickets’ way.
64 – Nukes to Mwanga, once again too far ahead.
64 – An apparent hold on Donovan by Fiscal, Donovan embellished a bit, but Fiscal gets away with it thanks to the play being like…10 seconds longer than the foul…
65 – another cross too high and far.
66 – Fred received stitches… updates of “no shits” to keep coming as more information is obtained by the announcers.
66 – Ball out for goal kick, beer out of fridge.
67 – Cross into buddle, but a little too far.. Knighton makes an early decision to play the ball and picks up the cross before any danger can happen.
68 – A cat came out from hiding…but goes to food… what does this mean?
68 – Le Toux is doing his rendition of the running man, where the ball will be there.  Playmaker at his best… but chasing the game doesn’t win you games.
70 – Gonzalez plays out a long through ball for  PU throw in deep in LA.
70 – Donovan takes the throw in and gets cleared out by PU, LA ball….
71 – LA throw in deep by PU corner.
72 – Nukes to Jacobson down the side, back to Le Toux who drives a cross to mapp..too hard and too high, throw in LA.
72 – Cat ran away.
73 – stupid cat…
73 – Le Toux cuts it to Mwanga, to an open Jacobson who brings it into the box and plays to Le toux, who back heels it behind him… Rickets saves it, barely… Goal of the week play.  PU corner.
74 – Salinas in for… ? no clue.
74 – Corner gets cleared.
74 – Salinas in for Jacobson… i like salinas being in, but Jacobson has been a decent playmaker, or at least in the combination of it..
75 – Mapp gets it to Le Toux in the box who has to fight to pass it to Salinas on the side, who side shoots it, but gets cleared out the side.  Damn.
76 – No subs for LA yet…
76 – Kirovski in for Beckham.  And a shot of the river end shows booing, and a middle finger.
77 – Some nice footwork and play by buddle who gives a pass to Kirovsky who drills it wide left.
78 – Donovan on a break, flag is down!!! Knighton comes out and plays and stops the shot. Phew.
78 – Stevens (LA) gets a Yellow.  ( i missed it)
80 – Donovan has a break, which is again offsides.
80 – Mwanga had a break and broke through the defender picking up speed but was called out of bounds…. right…
82 – Kirovski clears the ball and gives us a corner kick.  Mapp…mapp..mapp…
82 – Mapp to Califf, who heads it over the bar.
83 – Torres in for Mapp… boooo…
84 – Buddle tries to make a play against 3 defenders, gets cleared out the side, LA throw in.
84 – They’re stalling for time…. and the crowd boos..
85 – ball to Donovan who could have made a play, but Knighton comes out and breaks it up, dangerously, PU clear.
86 -Salinas cuts in outside the box and crosses… to noone.. if he was out 15 yards it would work.
86 – Jordan in for Juninho… i believe that’s all subs for union, and 2 for LA (?)
87 – Williams used to be a striker…interesting.
88 – Buddle again tring to play against 3 defenders down the sideline and gets manhandled.  As he should be.
88 – How does a frenchmen survive around chester?  Really?
89 – Oooooooooo… Kirovski with a dangerous challenge against migs when he was playing the ball… Cleat into shin.  Draws the yellow on himself.  2 yellows on LA.  None on us…things have changed.
90 – 3 minutes added.
90 – Ball into box, Rickets bobbles it and Califf tries to play, but everything accidental and a foul called on Califf…  ? right…shrug.
91 – Ball to Salinas on the side who takes a chance but is high and wide on the one touch off the bounce.
92 – Magee in for Stevens, all subs are now used for LA and PU.  Note to PU, go for the knees.
93 – Williams to Torres who floats it in but LA steals it… Gets it out to buddle who is trying to make another break through a body, but gets called for a foul for knocking down harvey.
93 – Torress leads to Salinas, who BARELY crosses it in before the goal line, gets played out for a corner………
93 – Corner goes in, headed out by salinas….  Game is called.

Result – LA 1 – PU – 0
27′ Edson Buddle off corner assist from David Beckham.

Philadelphia Union vs LA David Beck…um.. Galaxy – 1st half

October 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Starting lineup:

Starting XI for tonight’s 8:00pm match vs LA (ESPN2/ESPN Deportes): Brad Knighton; Sheanon Williams, Danny Califf, Michael Orozco Fiscal, Jordan Harvey; Justin Mapp, Andrew Jacobson, Stefani Miglioranzi, Fred; Danny Mwanga, Sebastien Le Toux

Well, one of two things came up in the lineup, Mwanga is backing up (or the 2nd striker) Le Toux.  The only thing is the Salinas isn’t in the starting line up, most likely he’ll be a 2nd half substitution.

A nice chill in the air tonight as we await kickoff.  Hopefully the cold air will have an effect on the LA team… even though Beckham has dealt with worse (he’s from england you know).  Note: I will probably be saying bloody a lot, and random other quips of British slang… speaking of which, i quit smoking fags… take that as you will.

The game is sold out, ESPN3 is on, and my 2nd bottle of Dos Equis is opened… Stay thirsty this Thursday, my friends.

-3? – They just had a shot of about 20 teenage girls in the front row eyeing beckham…that’s fairly disheartening.  And when i say teenage, I mean like 13.
-3 – Stream keeps stalling… wtf did my girlfriend do to my internet.
-2 – Beckham went to the Phillies game last night, that was pretty cool and decent of him.  I guess he’s a nice guy…  But who knows, he did marry a Spice girl… guy got talent, but probably not taste.
0- and we’re off
1 – Come on the U!  Naturally, ok, i’ll be unbiased from here forth (til goals).
1 – Mapp throw in to Mwanga, who loses it to a clear, another throw in.
2 – Donovan to Buddle, almost had a break but a battle ensues and the ball goes out.  PU throw in.
2 – Clear to Le Toux, weak clear past Mwanga back straight to Fred, through balls it to Mwanga, but goes too far ahead of him, keeper cleared.
3 – Junhinho with a hand ball… sp?  Le Toux set piece.
3 – Le Toux goes for goal! He bent it like Beckham and goalie makes a nice save to a corner.
4 – Mapp corners it right to Migs foot in the middle of the crowd, Mig wasn’t ready, gets cleared and position battle ensues.
4 – Buddle almost with a break, but is offside, along with a slight knock down foul.
4 – Note- beckham got booed… fame only goes so far in this town of ours.
5 – Damn, these defenders are clearing the ball INTO union players at point blank range… This is the LA Riot Squad… trying to snipe us out.
6 – Donovan is offsides… I would be upset, but this aint a US game… I love his breaks, but I’m afraid tonight.
7 – Rickets drop kicks it from box to box, Knighton picks it up and rolls it to a defender.
7 – Announcers are saying Gonzalez seems nervous… shrug
8 – LA has some brilliant foot play, but seem a little chaotic with passing.
9 – Jacobson with another throughball to mwanga that goes too far and Mwanga is beat by a defender… we almost have a pattern down.  Throw in PU.
9 – Williams long throw, gets headed out poorly for a corner.
10 – Mapp corner gets weirdly hit into goal, out for a throw in PU.
10 – Long throw in but goes into keepers hands.
11 – An attack cross that gets deflected into Knighton’s hands.
12 – Ball goes too far for Le Toux, who contacts the goalies shins with a karate kick…. hurts Rickets.
12 – THERE WILL BE BLOOD!  Fred has a gash… Need to wait for a replay, seems like head to head.  Seems like Juninho is the culprit…
OUCH!  Right elbow as Juninho won the head battle, because of that… Gash over Fred’s left eye… Off the field for now.
13 – Le Toux tries to play man of the match and loses the ball mid LA field.
14 – Fred’s moving to the lockerroom… seems like he’s done for the day…. And sounds like Nakazawa will be the sub.
14 – While writing all that, nothing has happened… except for Fred leaving.  Now there’s a sub… Fred is not happy though.
15 – Nakazawi.  We have 2 great set kickers now, and Le Toux (good at set piece, not at corners)
15 – Le Toux almost played his way through the defenders but again loses the build up of the play.
16 – Jacobson with some great footwork and draws a foul about 30 yards out.  Nakazawa free kick.
16 – Low kick, gets cleared back to Union defenders, played back to Knighton.
17 – At this point I’m afraid LA is just trying to tire us out…
17 – Le Toux to Mwanga, who almost loses it, gets the ball back but then again, LA clears it against Mwanga and gets a throw in.
18 – Fiscal to Harvey, to Mig, to Mapp, to Califf, to Harvey….
18 – Jacobson to Le Toux, Le Toux to Mwanga in the BOX POINT BLANK!!!….high and wide?  Deflected off LA. Throw in.
20 – Lot of possession play going on, some build ups resorting to nothing much.
20 – Ball finally gets into the Union box as a threat and settles in the middle but is quickly cleared before Beckham or Donovan or Buddle can get near the ball.
21 – I do believe i heard clear as day an F bomb from a player.
21 – Williams down the sideline and plays a low cross that gets stopped dead.  Seriously, what is with our team and low crosses…use your heads!
22 – Jacobson sends it into threat area again, too far and too soon as is the norm and Rickets clears the ball easy.
23 – Rickets came out FAR outside the box to clear the ball out of the sideline.. We can’t capitalize on the time for him to get back to goal, we play possession set up.
23 – Nakazawa plays the ball to Migs, but goes out too far ahead.  Nice break down the sideline too, but LA throw in.
24 – I’m gonna call nakazawa “Nukes” from now on for a short name… quicker to type.
24 – Nukes to mapp, to nukes, to williams, who draws the foul…barely?  Set piece!
25 – Mapp mapp mapp mapp mapp… free kick.  Lines up with Nukes… who takes it but gets cleared by LA.  Goes straight back to williams who crosses it too far ahead… Ends up PU throw in.
26 – Nothing…
26 – Some more throw ins for LA in our half of the pitch.
27 – Birchell gets a break down the line and low crosses it in front of goal, but gets cleared out for a corner..Beckham to take.
27 – Buddle…off Beckham… goal… naturally… His 16th… congrats (unenthusiastic “yaaaaaay”) Happened so fast and unenthusiastic from the crowd it’s like it didn’t happen… And Knighton didn’t move… really like it didn’t happen.  Did anyone move?  At all?  On either side?
28 – Offsides called on Union break..on mwanga.  Damn.
28 – That unbiasedness i talked about…
29 – Califf is making friends with Buddle apparently…  not in the nice way.
30 – Birchell crosses wildly to noone and crosses the field out of bounds.
31 – Another bloody LA throw in.
31 – Now Williams is making friends with Buddle.  The ref mediates.  Makes them share toys.
31 – cross deflected out for an LA corner… Beckham, again, to take.  And the boos rain down.
32 – Cleared out not far enough, tapped back in but cleared to midfield… and now it’s keep the ball in the air time.  Beckham settles it near the corner and weirdly crosses it into the box, gets cleared out (thank god).
33 – Union play out from the momentum, and LA is playing rough with us…2 blatant fouls, 1 off the ball, and the other a possible challenge… neither are called?
33 – Buddle is offsides, which gives a nice stop to the momentum and anxiety that built up in the past 2 minutes.
34 – Rickets is Jamaican… Eh Mon!
35 – Really, the most exciting thing about this game is that you can hear the SOB’s clear as day on ESPN broadcast.
36 – Union ball played in behind the LA D… to noone.. as the announcers are commenting on how either Mwanga or Le Toux need to stay up top and be patient.  Don’t be the playmakers… be the day makers.
36 – Break that Mwanga FINALLY gets to, but is still neck and neck with an LA defender in the box.. Gonzalez clears out for a corner.
37 – 3rd corner… mapp..mapp.. Cleared out.
37 – From playing Fifa games, i can see about 10 different breaks during this play that the Union could utilize and break through the LA defense while passing.. that’s sad.
38 – Nukes called for a foul  (? ) LA ball.
38 – I dont know what just happened……. but LA should have had a goal, and there was an argue for hand ball.  Nice save by Knighton, and nice clear too (about 3 rebounds)….  Birchell is dangerous with low crosses… I will say it now, scary-good.
40 – Unioin should only give and go pass, when someone is actually “going”.
40 – Everyone gets a touch on the Philadelphia Union… now enough of that..goal time…
43 – I’ve seen Donovan twice in close up, and only heard his name twice… not much of an impact player this game…
44 – Migs breaks away and gets the ball out for Le Toux to chase…. but there’s an offsides flag.  time to regroup.
44 – Stevens gets the ball into the box, but LA mishandles and Knightong scoops it up.
45 – Third time hearing Donovan, knocks down Fiscal and gets a foul and verbal warning.
45 – 1 minute added… i hate MLS…
45 + – and nothing happens… whistle is blown.

Buddle, Birchell, and Beckham…. alliteration is key.  Their the players for the first half of the game.  Mwanga, Le Toux, Mapp, and Migs (close…) for our side, but really not as effective.  I’m impressed at our ball control and attempts against the Galaxy, but as is the norm from earlier in the season saddened at the lack of effeciency we have.  Let’s see how the 2nd half comes, especially since we wasted an early sub.

Union vs. Chivas USA, Second Half Diary

September 25, 2010 1 comment

46-Jacobson is in the game, for Mwanga. Probably good so that he gets to rest his shoulder and not take an unnecessary knock

47-Should Justin Mapp ever meet the Wizard of Oz, he’ll ask for better ability from his right foot. He gives it away because he was waiting to play the ball with his left, again

48-Dan K. keeps texting me stuff about Thornton’s weight. He’s making fun of him like Zach Galifinakis got made fun of by Mr. Chow in The Hangover.

49-Chivas made their 2nd sub. It doesn’t appear to matter yet

51-Union look competent and confident in defense. I’m not used to this

52-Mapp struck a cross with his right foot and it was harmless. So, he really isn’t holding out on us, his right foot does suck

53-This promises to be a boring half, with Union having a 2-goal lead. Then again, I don’t think I want to see Chivas give Union a reason to make it interesting

54-Chivas just made their last sub. And that’s the first time I heard Bornstein’s name. He crossed a ball beautifully, and the guy who came on 20 seconds before makes a poor first touch and give a goal kick on a really good goal chance

55-Williams gets forward and gets his head on a Fred cross, but the ball wasn’t forward enough and the shot goes for a goal kick

56-Union are pressing now. I like it. Le Toux gets a great run down the left off a 1-2 but his cross goes unanswered

57-Another chance, this time off of a Moreno cross. Thornton got a hand on it, and it was cleared. Maybe telepathically, Union heard me call the match boring. From my keyboard to their ears!

58-Sebastien, my co-ed team is playing at 6:35 tomorrow and we could use some goal scoring

58-What?!? It’s worth a shot

59-Chivas’ pushing forward is opening them up to all of these Union attacks. I think Union getting a 3rd g-11 oal is imminent.

61-Califf with a clear off of a rare Chivas build-up. *yawns*

61-Seba doesn’t stop, he plays at one speed, the whole game, regardless of the score. It’s great

61-The more I hear the name “Bornstein” associated with a Chivas chance, the better I feel about Union getting a clean sheet

63-Tommy just mentioned the Sons of Ben! Because some guy from Chivas shot about 100 feet wide and the SoB’s were chanting at him for it

66-Smyth compliments Knighton’s leg again, for his goal kick length. Sounds like a man-crush to me

68-A Chivas player got a yellow for continuing a frustration moment at Le Toux. Not smart. The river is right there. Fancy a swim???

69-GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!!!!!!!! Le Tooooooooooooux!!!!! Off the free kick that was stupidly given. It was deflected on the way in, but great strike, and well deserved

70-11 minutes ago, I noted that a 3rd goal was imminent. Hehehehe, I was right

72-Le Toux with another blast, but Thornton got behind that one. Good save by him.

75-Okugo on for Fred. Defensive move. And Fred gets a chance to receive his due adoration. And I like the move. All good things

77-Torres on for Mapp. Another move I like, just because it’s Roger

79-Apparently, according to Dan K., the River End is chanting the score in Spanish, tres a cero

81-Tommy just complimented the fan support for Union. I like this lots. Oh yeah, Knighton just cut off a cross, thwarted another chance. Ho hum

83-Smyth just noted Chivas have 1 shot on target thus far. Very nice

85-The River End are “ole”ing each completed Union pass. That’s pretty funny. A product of being in the unfamiliar position of being up by 3 goals. It’s a franchise first

86-Le Toux down after a tough challenge. Got bodied by a Chivas player late to the challenge

88-Jacobson is warned about a rough tackle. It gives Chivas a corner

89-Bicycle kick! Union cleared a Chivas chance with a bicycle kick. Awesomeness

89-Chivas get a shot, but Knighton is up to the task. Parries the save off to his right. Well done, but only the 2nd shot on target, according to Tommy Smyth

90-AND THAT’S THE MATCH!!! Roger Torres clears a chance with another bicycle-esque kick, and the referee blew the whistle.

Knighton earns his 2nd shutout. I think Chris Seitz is going to see lots of the bench for the rest of the season. Union really look like they’re coming together and having an idea of how they should play. They scored three goals off of set pieces, which is something they haven’t done much this season. Their goals came from the run of play, for the most part. Now, we’r eseeing a transition, to a team that is a threat every time they possess the ball in the offensive half. I can’t wait for this team to take shape in the 2011 season. A great victory for Union 3-0 over Chivas USA.

Union vs. Chivas USA, First Half Running Diary

September 25, 2010 Leave a comment

0-I like the lineup.  Williams is going to be a fixture at outside back.  Now, he needs to create goals, not just chances.  Harvey is fine, as long as he doesn’t get beat for a goal.  I don’t want him becoming the Union’s version of Jonathan Bornstein (who happens to be on Chivas USA).  I’m looking for Le Toux to net one today, Mwanga to put in another, and I’d like to see Mapp get on the scoresheet too.  And it would be nice if we could keep the Goats from putting one behind Knighton

0-The Commodore Barry Bridge looks majestic on this sunsplashed afternoon. Yes, I really just complimented a bridge, get over it. My colleague, Dan K., is in attendence and is allegedly in the River End. Hopefully he brought his singing voice with him.

0-We’re about ready to go, Union are in their blues, Chivas looks like a team of candy canes

1-Tommy Smyth! I love his commentary style.

2-This is going to be interesting. The feed I have of this game doesn’t show the clock so I’m going to be completely guessing.

2-Harvey passes to the advertising boards in screwing up a 1-2 play. Dumbass

3-Mwanga gets released and his touch betrays him over the end line. Ah, phooey

4-Chivas’ Espinoza took his eye off the ball and let it go over the sideline. Ha ha!

5-Chivas getting good offense going here. A cross thankfully wasn’t connected. Harvey did good 1-on-1 work to concede a corner. Corner was cleared easily. Not a great start for the home side

7-Union seem to not be able to get Chivas off the ball right now, kinda riding out the storm

7-Chivas’ Braun hit a shot that looked like he was auditioning to take David Akers’ kickoff responsibilities

9-I was led to believe that Chivas was a bad team. It’s not looking like that

10-We’re in one of those periods where Union need to move the ball a little faster

11-Nagamura for Chivas strikes one wide

12-Union get into the offense a little bit, but a bunch of sloppy play let Chivas regain the ball

14-Not sure if Union are confused, sloppy, or sluggish. Possibly some combination of the 3

15-……and this is why I love Tommy Smyth. He notes that Le Toux looks a bit lost out wide. REALLY?!?! Like I haven’t written about this before

16-(text message from Dan K.) Chant: Oh Philly U….you got what I need. We’ll love you to the end. Defend the River End.

16-That’s in the style of “Just a Friend” for those of you who couldn’t figure it out

17-Knighton makes a tremendous play in coming out outside of the 18-box to slide tackle a ball and clear it.

17-Le Toux with a cross that Moreno heads wide. Shame, great play by Seba

18-Minor confusion as Knighton had to use his feet to clear

18-Do Union have a optometrist sponsor? I think they need it, they keep passing to the guys in the other shirts

19……and on queue, Tommy mentions that Union are not recognizing the open player because they’re rushing things. I lampoon their eyesight, but Tommy and I are on the same page, and I like that.

20-Knighton with an easy save, thought there are some saves here that haven’t been “easy”

21-I think Califf and Orozco Fiscal pass the ball back and forth so that the television audience has time to get another beer. It’s as good a reason as any

23-Mapp earns a free kick that he created, but it gets cleared and immediately becomes a counter-attack. Thankfully, the shot went wide. Knighton still hasn’t had to do much

25-Migs earns a corner. Mapp to take it. Better than Le Toux

26-GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!!!!!!! Alejandro Moreno!!!!! Mapp with the assist of the corner. Textbook corner kick to header. And Tommy Smyth called the net the “onion bag.” I love it.

29-Union still applying pressure. Williams throw to Mwanga gets a nice header over the defender but it bounced to the keeper before Danny-boy could play it again

30-I just saw a play in the Alabama-Arkansas game where it looked like the receiver broke his leg but he just rolled an ankle. I thought it was worse. Sorry for the interruption

31-My online feed is now buffering. Aaaaaaah!

33-We’re back

34-Tommy just complimented Harvey’s defending. *snickering*

36-Moreno created a good chance but his nifty first touch is cleared for a throw

38-The River End is making fun of Zach Thornton’s weight. I’m sure he’s less than appreciative

39-Moreno’s on the ground again, what a surprise

39-But he did earn a free kick which Mapp turned into another good chance, but he just overshot the header

42-The game’s gotten a bit boring, other than Moreno taking an elbow to the head and Fred kicking some Chivas guy in the stomach while he was on the ground

44-Mapp gets a card for playing the high ball and kicking a Chivas player in the process. Oh well, it is but a flesh wound

45-That guy is still down. Just getting helped off the field now.

45-Knighton gets a save. Easy play though. That leads to a the outlet to Moreno who gets fouled by the guy that Fred gut-kicked, Trujillo, who gets a yellow for his troubles

45-GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!!!! Fred!!!!! Off of the rebound!!!!! Le Toux takes the free kick, low as always, and Moreno gets a deflection. Thornton is unable to catch the shot, and Fred was Johnny-on-the-spot, crushing the rebound into the back of the net. And that is the last play of the half.

Amazing first half from Union. They didn’t play well for large portions of this match, but have made their few opportunities really count. They’re showing much better poise in their finishing, as 2 beleaguered players, Alejandro Moreno and Fred, are the goal scorers. I’ve ripped them many times on this blog, but they have really showed well today. Good on them. More in the second half.