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Help Kick Hunger – a blast to remember

It’s always fun to get together with 300 other friends who share one common joy – what some could consider obsessive – of a soccer team during the offseason.  Why not, it’s fun to catch up with people when you don’t get a chance to see them regularly.  The even better side is that a fundraiser is attached to this party.

The Sons of Ben, in their 5th year of existence, were able to make a deal to use McFadden’s at Citizen’s Bank Park for the annual Help Kick Hunger event, which in my view means there was a large amount of pull to reserve this location.  Not only were they able to get a large, fun location for the entire group, the Sons of Ben, Bearfight Brigade, and the Philadelphia Union were able to raise $8,300 for HKH – this event alone!  That’s a remarkable feat for any young, small group.  The even better kicker is that another event is not far off to raise money – annual Stache Bash will be coming soon (opening day), and if you enjoy seeing weird looking moustaches, this event is for you.

I’d like to give a thanks to the Philadelphia Union for co-ordinating with the SoB’s and bringing Brian Carroll, Zach Pfeffer and Jimmy McLaughlin. As well a special thanks to the SoB’s who ran, set up, volunteered, and got the prizes to give away.  I’ve done much smaller events like this before, and it’s such a hassle.  What you do is greatly appreciated.  An even bigger thanks to Veljko Paunovic for coming out.  I’m sure he had no obligation to attend, but still came out for the fans.  He is nothing but class, and we here wish him well in his next step in life (hopefully assisting with the Philadelphia Union..cough..cough). 

Some highlights of the night – aside from the ongoing BearFight tournament:
1) The total amount of funds raised.
2) A ‘suprise’ announcement teaser, which includes the Philadelphia Union, MLS, and the City at City Hall on Tuesday.  All are invited. 10:30 AM IN City Hall.  Follow the bunch of people in Union gear.  We can all make assumptions on what it’s possibly about.
3) The presentation of the Serbian flag to Paunovic.
4) The Bearfight Brigade is now sponsored by Monster. 

As for my time at the event – let’s just say the beer was flowing.

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