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A Legend in the Making

Even though we’re still waiting on Nick’s follow up and season review write up (seriously Nick, get off your ass) things feel good surrounding the end of the season and looking back on it.  What a long strange trip it’s been.

A 2nd year team finishing top 3 in a conference (no matter how dumb the conference system is set up), with players we enjoy.  Yes we didn’t play our best at the end, but that was the basic summary of the season – why is Nowak playing players this way, why can’t we find goal, why is Carlos Ruiz on the field… oh, sorry, that problem was already solved.  But once the smoke cleared from our final doop, this season was an enjoyable one.

This year I became a first time Season Ticket Holder of any sport, and got to get a lot of different friends to come to a game and thoroughly enjoy it (thank you Sons of Ben for the atmosphere doing that).  Me and Nick were able to keep the blog going to very few people stumbling across it (created Aug-2010), which in turn now comes to about a hundred or so checking in thanks to linkage from Brotherly Game and Philly Soccer Page.  We started the blog because we didn’t see any fan blogs, and we talked enough about the games that took up work time so we just transposed it to the interwebs – we don’t care about fan base, we just care about having fun and doing our own thing.  BG and PSP seemed more like news outlets than a blog, so that’s one of the prime reasons why we started ours.  But thanks to all of that, and eventually making a twitter, we then started talking to others who created blogs, specifically Murph over at The Union Dues who then got the idea of a podcast (YSA Report) going.  I personally was not a part of many podcasts this year, but being one of the first contacts he made to contribute, and being at the first session, it feels great being able to be a part of creating something.

And that’s a lot of what the Philadelphia Union fan base is about – we’re tied together by the city, by the blood, by the beautiful game.  It’s early in the life span of our great team, but because of that, we are a part of something young, something great, something that is bound to become legendary (maybe in our own minds).  Even if you are not a part of the SoB’s, or a random fan blog, or contribute to alcohol abuse (Punchy the Bear, I’m looking at you) we all look at eachother with the feeling “This is my team, I am a part of it”.  We belong.

This is one large family I am proud to be a part of.  I’ve met so many new people (that I wasn’t expecting to) this year that it’s hard to keep track of, but I feel like I’m better for having met them, and all of those to come.

So until there’s something new to talk about this off-season (will have very sporadic posts), enjoy the holidays, be safe, and –

Jungite aut Perite.

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  1. Kurt
    November 17, 2011 at 7:45 AM

    I read this blog regularly! Thanks, cheers, see you next year!

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