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More Playoff Stuff

The biggest threat Houston Dynamo poses to Union is Brad Davis.  He is the league leader in assists, with 16.  He is a left-footed left wing midfielder, which means the responsibility of locking him down will fall primarily on Sheanon Williams.  This will be the one matchup that I will be completely intrigued with for the duration of the match, both legs of it.  Davis is a player who has not been able to prove himself on the international level, and Sheanon is someone we have been campaigning for to get a shot with the USMNT (if Michael Orozco Fiscal got a shot, why the hell not?!?!?).  My prediction is that a stellar defensive showing, coupled with intelligent play going forward, will earn “The Sheanomenon” enough credibility to get him a look.  The playoffs will bring more intensity than Union have played with all season, or in their history, for that matter.  The hightened stage will provide a better indicator to the people who run USA Soccer as to whether or not Sheanon deserves consideration.  It also helps his cause that Timmy Chandler was moved from right back to left back and seems slated to stay there in the future (wiiiiiiiiiide open door for ya, Sheanon).  Davis provides the perfect foil because of the quantity AND quality of his service (for MLS purposes only).  He will be prominently featured in Houston’s offense, and his crosses into the center of the pitch are usually threatening.  He is the “head of the snake,” so to speak.  Cut off the head, and the body will follow.  Hopefully, Sheanon is sharp enough to make the cut (ending with terrible pun, athankya).

Nick Y., the other .5 of Unholy Union  (@UnholyUnionNDY)


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