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Since everyone else has already done it….

The “Playoff Picture” as it were…  Hey, we were busy the past two weeks.  Sue me.

The Union stand first in the east with 47 points, and have yet to clinch a playoff spot-  why is this ?  Well, a few teams are straggling on saying “We’re still gonna make it” when in reality…they’re not.

I’m just going to point out the math and basics for each possibility that would take us OUT of a WILDCARD spot.  Meaning we would miss a playoff berth if these things happen – this is completely disregarding ANY games to be played, and just the math of it.

First – we would have to lose EVERY game – which is only 2, against TFC at home, and Red Bull away.  If we don’t get even a tie i won’t understand it.  But the likelihood of us being pushed out so late is very slim at best. 

Without looking at any games to be played – everyone else would have to win at least once – and to note, DC and Portland have a game in hand (3 games to be played).

KC – 1 win
Columbus – 1 win 1 tie
Colorado – 1 win
RBNY – 2 wins
Houston – 2 wins
Portland – 2 wins and tie or 3 wins
DC – we win the tiebreaker, can’t overtake us.
Chicago – can’t overtake us.

So we can easily coast the rest of the way and clinch a spot based on the happenings of Portland (who plays Houston).  If they lose, we’re in – in some position.  DC and Chicago play eachother, so that is a make or break situation for Chicago.

And just so you know – 49 points is the cutoff for a clinch, and the most any wildcard team can get to – so that means if we get to 49 (even 48) we are in the guaranteed playoff spots for the East.

Edit – I just did the research of the games – Our clinch isn’t official yet because the games haven’t been played and the points are still on the table – but because Houston (last wild card) plays Portland – this means the either team will lose points, and guarantee us a playoff berth.  So once the game is played, then it’s a done deal.  There’s a .000000001% chance that the team will all fall ill and the franchise disentegrates within the next two weeks…that’s one of the only things i can think of that we wouldn’t make playoffs. 

But I’m dead sure these coming games should be very exciting for those still in contention in the lower end of the structure.

Now you can go on and on about how we want to finish strategically – 2nd to face the 3rd team, etc etc… but listen – to take the Eastern Conference in the regular season, in our 2nd year is an accomplishment.  And let’s face it, stop beating eachother around the bush with this strategic talk – we will have to go through the West in the playoffs no matter what (unless by some offchance miracle one of the eastern wildcards can win – it can happen).  Take the East, take the western game first (as we will be rested – could help us, could hurt us) – especially since this is the 2 game aggregate series –  and we’ll see what goes from there.  It’s all speculation at this point, but I want to be number one, and so do you.

In Zolo we trust.  This year has been a beautiful thing.

Wildcard Race Schedule
This weekend:
Portland hosts Houston
KC hosts New York
Colorado hosts RSL
DC host Chicago (no one cares)
NE hosts Columbus

Wednesday the 19th
DC hosts Portland

Saturday the 22nd
Vancouver hosts Colorado
DC hosts SKC
Chicago host Columbus
RSL hosts Portland

Sunday the 23rd
Houston hosts LA

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