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Back to the grind – Touchlines

So, apparently Seattle also invented the work week – which prevented myself and Nick from making any posts during the past week and a half.  Lucky for us, we got the last laugh (with much sleep deprivation).

Thanks to the Philly Soccer Page for pointing out that Philebrity.com has a poll running for “Who to support now that the Phillies lost the playoffs, and the Eagles suck”.  Union are currently behind the Flyers 121 to 145.  There are 64 jackasses who voted “2 teams is enough” (Seriously, not knocking these guys – but who goes to philebrity dot com anyway!?  Who that is an average stereotype for an eagles fan on top of that?)  And feel free to view the results and feel sad for the 12 people who voted for the Sixers.

Telegraph.co.uk has an epic piece about the CFU / CONCACAF bribery scandal that happened in the Caribbean featuring star players Bin Hammam and Jack Warner.  The best part about this piece – it’s not a piece, but a video that proves every single person is guilty.  The best part about this?  Well, you have to see for yourself – especially since it’s from Jack Warner’s own mouth.  There’s various comedic jems in there.  Bill Archer has a blog that points out various comedic parts of the video, especially if you have been keeping score with the whole scandal.  Adam Sandler couldn’t make this shit up.

What’s sad, red, and doesn’t know what the fuck it’s doing?  Two possible answers in this (Pig latin: SMNTUlay, Orontotlay efflay eclay)…

Okay, maybe three.

Our last regular season home game is this Saturday – what does that mean?  The highway ramps next to the stadium are finally accessible.

Remember – They’re call girls when they’re alive.  When dead, they’re just hookers.

I apologize for touchlines this week not being as blatantly bad humor and more of a link to link piece – but I really feel like my brain’s in a coma from the past week… and I have to get it back in shape for the bearfights this week – it can only take so much damage you know.

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