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Post-Match + Pre-Match = ….I Don’t Know, But I’m Happy!

What a crazy match.  Fifteen minutes in, I’m buying shots for people, and fifteen minutes after that, I’m looking to break the bottle over someone’s head.  Marfan to the rescue but jeez, that could have gone a bit more smoothly.  Union secured 3 points in the end, which was the most important part of the night.  Both sides took turns looking like the better team.  Both teams made errors and both took advantage of the other’s errors.  And Seba Le Toux……  can’t even say begin to say how great it is that he’s returned to his 2010 form.  It may very well come to be that the shipping out of Carlos Ruiz was the MVP of Le Toux’s season.  The defense has to deal with the counter attack better, as Andy Najar’s equalizing goal was far too easily conceded.  But, we’re focusing on positives here, and that means I’m taking these 3 points and moving on to Sunday…..


Sunday, October 2, 8pm from the Home Depot Center in Los Angeles, CA, on The Comcast Network

Union can breathe a bit easier after securing those 3 points against DC United, however, that doesn’t give them a play-like-crap-because-it-doesn’t-matter card.  This match, and every one until the end of the season, matters.  Union only have today and Saturday off before having to play late Sunday afternoon (California-wise).

Union will be dealing with a fairly desperate Chivas side, whom Union beat when they played in Chester back on June 25th, 3-2.  Chivas sit 4 points behind the final playoff spot, and they’d have to pass by 4 teams to get in.  They’ve only got 3 matches left to pull it off.  Juan Pablo Angel has played well with his third team of the season, and I expect him to key any charge Chivas will attempt to make towards a wild card spot.

Union, while in a better position, are far from in the clear.  They have a game in hand over Sporting KC, but that game in hand, essentially is this match.  And this match is a cross-country flight and a match 3 days after another match against another desperate-for-the-playoffs DC United side.  I worry that they may not have enough in the tank to pull this one out.  I do not, however, worry about Seba anymore.  He’s back in double-digits for goals on the season, and is working his way back into the discussion for the team’s most valuable player.  The other important development recently, and for the season as a whole, is that the more Farfan, the better.  Union have played very well with both brothers on the pitch at the same time.  They add creativity and quickness with their feet that helps in attack and possession.  Their versatility and ability to play defense has helped tremendously, and this will be key against Chivas.  They may be counted on to play more than 1 position in a game.

I feel, after the DC match, that Union have a better than 50/50 shot at winning in LA.  Le Toux will score again, and MacMath will clean his act up.  I think it’s either a win or tie.  I don’t see Chivas being able to beat them, so hopefully 3 more points are on the horizon for the end of the weekend.

Nick Y., the other .5 of Unholy Union

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