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The magic number is….

That’s the MINIMUM amount of games left in the season.  Even though I apparently had a blackout fit, while at PPL Park, between 7:30 and 9:40 pm on Saturday, I still have hope.  We didn’t just tie two of the worst teams in the league, at home, in a row.  We didn’t fall 4-1 against the league’s worst scoring offense.  We aren’t behind Kansas City in the standings……..



Should we start panicing?  That’s the ultimate question.

All year we didn’t play pretty.  When it looked as if there was some formation and cohesion, our striker leaves us, we pick up a new player, we get rid of another player, and our heads spin and hurt from trying to pay any attention to this.  There are moments where we play great soccer, and just like in the beginning of the year, we play GREAT, and leave with only a point because we can’t score.  All we can do is scratch our heads.

And then there’s travesties that put us down by a large enough deficit where it seems like we can’t come back from it.   There is no excuse for us to have gone down by 3 goals to New England.  There’s almost no excuse not to score a goal against a team with as bad a road record as Portland.  No excuse to start playing against Portland like you’re playing for a tie, when you’re the better possessing team.  There’s just nothing.  There are no answers, only more and more questions.

It all comes down to 7 games in an entire month span, as we are currently in 3rd place with a game in hand overall.  In these games we play:
Columbus Crew at home – currently leading the eastern conference by first tiebreaker (wins)
SKC at KC – currently second by losing said tiebreaker
DC at home – currently ranked 10th, and holds the final playoff spot

This is almost half of our games, all eastern conference, all in a row.  We are 4 points behind both KC and Columbus.  Between these two games we need no less than 4 points, 6 preferred.  Doing this will help seperate us from the wild cards, and gain on the only 2 eastern teams ahead of us.  If only I could easily say “piece of cake” when in actuality this is going to be a difficult thing to witness.  The DC game is a clear must win, as it will put them down and us forward, adding to the seperation.

The next two games are West Coast games, visiting Chivas (always a joke) and Seattle (you’re looking a little green).  The toughest part about the Chivas game would be the travel, but I would hope to expect a win here.  Seattle is always tough at home, and I would hope, like every other game, we would be able to tie this one.

The final two are Eastern Conference.  By this point in time, I would expect we would know our playoff future, or at least the situation thereof.  If we don’t completely blow the 3 eastern conference games our fate should be in our hands.
TFC at home
NYRB in Jersey.

Needless to say, TFC should be a win hands down.  And by saying this, it will probably be a tie.
The NYRB game, well, we don’t want babies to cry, but if we lose… just saying.

This is going to be a hellish month for all union fans…

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