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Match Preview: Union vs. New England Revolution

Tonight, 8pm, from PPL Park in Chester, PA.  Watch it on The Comcast Network because the weather outside is frightful…

This is the match that was rescheduled due to heavy rains from Hurricane Irene, so it’s all too fitting that tonight’s tilt be effected by rain.  They will not need to water the pitch pre-match.  If anything, they may need to get some industrial fans to dry the thing out.  Roger Torres is short enough, if he sinks in at all, we may lose him.  Like, picture-on-the-side-of-a-milk-carton lose him.

The bottom line for this match is that New England is a bad team.  The only success Union have had since the first 3rd of the season has been against bad teams, so one would hope that they would take advantage.  I really did think last match against RSL would end in a draw, but that was also me assuming that Union knew, at this point of the season, how to defend a short-corner.  Er go, I was wrong on both accounts.

And, I am no longer going to put in predictions for the starting XI.  I’m just completely confounded by how I can’t once get it right.  The one spot I DO know is that Zac MacMath will start in net (although I may have just sent a jinx and Thorne Holder will be the first name on the lineup card) (wait, is that a reverse jinx?  I don’t know, fuck it).  I want the goal-scoring floodgates to open for Sebastien Le Toux, now that he finally scored from the run of play.  Some people say it was bad goaltending that lead to that goal, but that shot was blistered and RSL keeper Nick Rimando did well to be in somewhat the right position to get a piece of it.  If you want to see bad goalkeeping, harken back to 2010 and research Seitz, Chris.  With Seba no longer carrying a monkey with him on the pitch, hopefully, he’s primed to be  the dual offensive threat he was last year.

My prediction is that some of the players will be advised to wear swimmies to prevent them from drowning, but the match will be played, many hot dogs will be consumed (it’s dollar-dog night!), and Union will draw this match because the field conditions will make for a disjointed offensive match.

Nick, the other .5 of Unholy Union

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