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Finally dry Touch Lines

Seattle has invented everything just recently, and are looking to add to their invention of pissing off the rest of the US soccer world if they can get past FC Dallas in the USOC semis for their third straight USOC championship game (and title).  Let’s all hope that Sigi doesn’t pull his scarf too tight around his neck and pop his head off.  That wouldn’t be a pretty site.  The other MLS team in it still is Chicago, unfourtanately for them, the other team looks like they will show up to the game.

In Union news, not much Union news.  It’s hard enough to get new news bits from a team with closed lips, it’s even worse when we don’t have a game for 2 weeks.  I don’t even know what day it is now.


Speaking of blowouts, Columbus Crew did the Union a huge favor at Seattle by not showing up and losing 6-2.  That’s representing the Eastern conference for you.

Congrats to the Crew’s Jeff Cunningham on surpassing Jaime Moreno for the most career MLS goals.  Now back to obscurity with you.

In around the world news – Diego Maradona is coaching over in Dubai for  Al Wasl FC.  He has an annual salary of 3.5 million, and a private jet at his disposal for 2 seasons.  Someone is #winning all over the place right now.

Yes I just made a 5 month old Charlie Sheen joke.  But seriously, what else are you going to do on a private jet than hookers and blow.  We’re also talking about the “Hand of God” here, so of course he’s doing that.  Don’t expect him to be using that jet for something like aiding earthquake survivors.

Weatherwise, it’s been a rough week.  Starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes, then airplanes.  Well, Lenny Bruce was not afraid.  Then a eye of a hurricane, can you hear yourself churn?  In all serious, REM aside, we at UU hope everyone is alright and that your power’s back.

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