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Touch-ing Solo – lines

Congrats to the USA Women’s National team on making the Women’s World Cup Finals.  They’re facing off against Japan on Sunday.

No, i’m not gonna make a joke this time.  I’ve been called racist, bigotted, asshole, and many things – but orientalist I am NOT.

In Union news, there is yet ANOTER rumor that Ruiz will be joining a Mexican team.  And there is ANOTHER rebutal by the star forward saying he’s staying.  There’s cheers, jeers, women weeping… Unfourtanately with our fan base, we don’t know which news is causing any of these emotions.

In MLS news, Red Bull enjoys having no cups.  They sent only 14 players (no staff) to face Chicago Fire, the day of, for the USOC tournament.  Two things can be taken from this – they don’t take the USOC seriously, and that they take the regular season seriously.  Fortunately for us, they only walk the walk on one of those things.

It’s been a while since I talked about the CONCACAF scandal, but not much new news bits (read: comedy) has come from it.  Since I didn’t do a TL last week, here’s the update – how bad is your company management when someone keeps pressing outside courts to put themselves back in office?   It’s really bad when you have to re-release the same mandate saying the man is banned from all things soccer.  At this point the punchline is just “FIFA” and a snicker.  Then again, it has been for 50 years.

In other news, my stand up comedy gig is going well (read: in my mind).

Back to the Union – we are going to play a game.  Pin the ball in Juan Diego Gonzalez.  If he touches the ball at any point – be it warm ups, half time, the ball came out of bounds and he tossed it to a playing player, take a picture.  We want proof that he is DOING SOMETHING WITH SOCCER.  The picture has to be after this date (looking at you Earl, sneaky bugger).  Contest to be decided, or just lots of memes.

July 15, the transfer window is approaching fast (so is christmas… it’s already halfway through the year…gotta make christmas cards.)  Nowak has made it known that he wants to be active during this time.  By active he means doing his usual thing and banging hookers.  Wonder where that allocation money for Harvey went huh?

Good luck to the USWNT, and the New England Revolution FANS – may you not get thrown out this time.  In the words of Charlie Sheen “Already got your money”

  1. I Hope Solo Loses Her Top
    July 14, 2011 at 1:27 PM

    Mmmmm, I love me some Solo.

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