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A trip to DC – or How I Infiltrated the Sons Of Ben

As we all know, if you were following this blog (and if we even mentioned it…? ) me and my cohort in crime joined in on the bus trip to DC.   Now, the initial plan was to be live-tweeting the entire thing… but considering I just got Words With Friends app on my phone, and Nick still hasn’t gotten all the right things to keep his phone from draining, our phones were dying quickly.  Add in a power outlet that doesn’t work on the bus, and we turned our phones off before we even got down to the tailgate.

But, as I’m sure you all have been waiting for, a detail of the events that took place.

8:00 AM – I woke up and fed the cats… lounging around a bit.  Nick texted me about wawa not having chicken cheesesteaks (a perplexity that completely befuddles me).  I got in the shower and then anxiously “Just can’t get enoughed” while waiting for Nick to pick me up.

9:15 AM – Nick calls to let me know I’m outside… makes various Jersey Shore comments about my spiked hair, thinking I am trying to go to a rave.  We are both in plain clothes so that our appearances won’t give away that we aren’t Sons of Ben (even though my g/f got me a membership, it doesn’t count).  We were going to put our Union jerseys on before the march in.

10:00 AM – We curiously follow a car into PPL park area, since we don’t exactly know where this parking lot is.  We eventually find it and park.  We watch 2 guys playing catch with a baseball, suprisingly both of them are left handed.  Nick was wondering if it was too early to drink, but as I pointed out (and was seen) many others already started.

10:30 – the buses roll up and we get out and make way to our bus… unknown of the horrors that would come upon us (just wait).

10:40 – Earl Gardner got kicked off of Bearfight Express, so he found his way on our bus.  The master of sound you wish you didn’t hear Travis was also on the bus.

10:50ish – Buses head out.  Talking commences, beers cracked open, cheesesteak gets eaten.

11:15 – Once finding our way into Delaware a strange thing happened- our bus got a name.  A name to trump other bus names (and beats bus 420’s ass anyday of the week) – Bearscat 1.  A twitter, an email, and probably a tv sitcom was created that day.  On twitter, the Sons of Ben account stupidly asked for pictures, and #PastyKakes was born… if you must ask… um… don’t.  Ask the Scottsman in a kilt and he’ll show you.

At some point we got into Maryland and cheered that we were out of Delaware.  It was fun.

2 beers drank to Nick’s 4, I was getting antsy and tired of sitting in direct rays of the sun (windows are useless) and the trip just seemed to drag on much longer than it should have…

1:00pm – We finally reached our destination…sort of… What looked like Johnny Depp stadium, was actually RFK.  A shocker…  Emblazened around like they were the supreme shit of all shit (which with RFK stadium, they are shit) were banners of the real life stars of the American Flag… i..uh.. sorry, patriotic kick cause it was July 4th.  The shit ass players known for being on DC United (Fred sold seperately).  So, assuming our trip was about to be over, we were gathering our things… expecting to be in a crap parking lot to begin with.  Unfourtanately for our legs’ circulatory flow, the bus drivers made a wrong turn into a practice soccer field and lot.  Various jokes about the field being the actual stadium kept going until we finally made a U-y out of there.  We also got a look at the surrounding area, and was wondering why we drove 2 hours to end up back in Chester,PA.

Unfourtanately our ride wasn’t over with, as we sat in the bus for another 15 minutes (if they missed the turn again is something we can debate about).  We were then told to get off the bus as the lot wasn’t open yet, so as me and Nick got off… the lot was open again… and the doors shut behind us.  So we just walked it following the buses in the lot.  The buses settled, we were lobbied to help get the SoB tailgate equipment out, someone dumped a cooler that was on wheels, the beer was saved, and the tailgate began.

Me and Nick set up the first cornhole game, which took much too long in debating on where to put the game (there was absolutely no shaded areas for this).  We set up next to the DJ booth and bearfight booth, and I heckle Travis.

We went O for 3.  Kinda sucks.

Drinking, walking around, chatting, requesting music that either he didn’t have or doesn’t want to play  went on for a good while… And then, sometime after four..it happened.

I came, i bearfought, i survived.  Honestly, there’s no conquering it whatsoever.  If you don’t know what a bearfight is, don’t ask.  If you know what a bearfight is, don’t do it.  – although, I may have another in the near future.  It wasn’t bad, and I was suprised I was chugging without a problem.

For the next hour I didn’t drink anything else but water, and I was alert as anything – think jerking my head around to everything like a squirrel.  Me and nick eventually got a game of beerpong in, was quick and I lost.

Thanks to the random guy who freely gave a cigar to me.  I didn’t catch your name, but that was a really good cigar.

Some of the CSC event staff were talking with us.  An older black gentleman talking about how he grew up on the Rolling Stones and GOOD rock and roll.  Another staffer was trying to find the guy with cigars to get one, and in my stupor I couldn’t help him out with finding the guy.

At this time we had gotten our tickets, lobbied for some of the extra flags to wave (and boy did I wave) and the march began.  There was no problem walking in, minus some flecks of concrete falling, but it was a feeling of awe being in a march like this.  It was just amazing.

Once we were in our section, the team came out for warmups.  It was brilliantly timed.  At this point though, I’m sure Nick doesn’t remember much of it.  As I was getting ridiculed with having a bear fight and not being able to handle myself, I was stone sober – Nick on the other hand was pass out, black out, drunk.  He was pretty bad.

Then the shaking began.  I’ve never EVER felt any building, physical structure, professional stadium, etc… shake, as much as the upper tier of RFK.  When we say it’s falling down, we are not far from the truth.  There weren’t any plants though, so that was a disappointment.

The game is the game – you can read some of the reviews.  To sum up, being able to see from that high up on the game I got some added respect for Ruiz as I was able to watch how he does move off the ball, hoping for the long one (which is hardly ever sent when it needs to be).  Also, I have a dispute with Williams being on the MLS team of the week, as he should have ran up the flank a various number of times after giving Paunovic the ball – if you say open space, he had a whole meadowland to himself if he did… Paunovic even sent the ball up at one point because he thought Williams was making the run… instead he was only 5 feet away from him.

The walk out was definitely a lot longer than the walk in… At least it seemed that way to me.  Then, came the hecklers.  People who have nothing to do with their life than wait outside and just scream obscenities at the leaving fans.

“Fuck philly” was the first one I ran into, of course outside the stadium, but before the steps to actual level ground. 

Then a group of 3 black guys jumped in the middle of the march out and were pointing at their DC United shirts, jumping up and down, egging us on.  I yelled back “you can’t beat us” and they looked at me and laughed.  All in good fun.

Then… the scuffle.

At the top of the steps, as I had my flag and 2 others (rolled up) there was a guy and his girl in front of me waving a flag walking out with us.  In front of us before we turned was another guy yelling “Fuck you” at us… complete drunk, has no glimmer of life in his eyes, just yelling “fuck you”.  Well, the guy with the flag when walking away yelled back “Fuck you” and kept walking.  I laughed.

Then the drunk who started it – “Fuck me?  Fuck you. Fuck you.  Fuck you.”  He started walking away, then turned back around.  At this point he’s behind me and I hear him and see it coming.  I try to get in his way and stop him but he just kept going.  He followed the guy for about 50 to 60 feet or so.  Then they heard him and saw him.  The girl got in front of him and said “If you’re going to fight fight me”… tough bitch.  He grabbed her, to probably push her to the ground and get around her, then the guy with the flag came in.  And then the scuffle began and all three went to the ground.   The black guys and various others jumped in to pull them all apart, and once enough people were around to seperate them I went on my way.  (Twitter account from philly burbs and goal.com soccer writer Keith @usarsnl was mentioning he was going for the flag, more than likely to either “unarm” who he wanted to beat, or beat him with it… but when a scuffle is going to the ground, you still grab at whatever – but he definitely was going to beat the guy, not steal our shit).

The bus ride back was what you would expect from an 11+ hour trip, people napping, no voices, people who couldn’t sleep (ala me).  The buses, back in chester, rolled by a 3 cop car arrest on one of the local roads – we knew we were home.

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  1. Earl Gardner
    July 7, 2011 at 12:26 PM

    I didn’t get kicked off, the bus was already full by the time I got to it. Lucky for you you got to ride with me down to DC and share in the wonder that is Jagermeister.

    • djkw418
      July 7, 2011 at 2:28 PM

      It’s always a pleasure. We were looking for you before we got on the buses… considering I met you once it was tough (and also early).

  2. Earl Gardner
    July 7, 2011 at 12:27 PM

    Also, who buys any sort of cheese steak from Wawa?? Please turn in your man card.

    • djkw418
      July 7, 2011 at 2:27 PM

      I normally get cheesesteaks from the lunch carts. But weekend saturday, i’ll settle with wawa (they also aren’t half bad).

  3. bearscat1
    July 7, 2011 at 12:41 PM

    It is I the creater of bearscat1 twitter. Fun was had by all and I personally was trying to male the rfk is falling down chant come true. I sadly cannot make it to san Jose but I will be going to new shitland the week after and bearscat1 will reactivate for the trip. We will then have the bus and a train. Soon after we will get the USS (union supporter ship) bearscat. Then our mission will be complete.

  4. bearscat1
    July 7, 2011 at 12:43 PM

    Stupid auto correct meant make the chant come true

    • djkw418
      July 7, 2011 at 2:27 PM

      I thought you were trying to say “trying to mate”

  5. Random Cigar Guy
    July 12, 2011 at 4:39 PM

    Oh, oh no. That, that wasn’t a cigar that I gave you…

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  1. July 8, 2011 at 10:40 AM

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