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Match Preview: Union at DC United

RFK Stadium.  Saturday night.  7pm.  And we will be there.

Yes, this will be the first time the “Unholy Duo” will be attending a road Union match.  And we can’t wait.

But to the preview of the match.  This is the first league meeting of the season for these two teams, as their previous encounter was in a U.S. Open Cup qualifier (DC won that, on PKs, but whatever, it wasn’t a league match).  DC sits 8 points below Union in the standings, but they’ve been in similar form to Union recently, both 1-1-3 in their last 5 matches.  DC will welcome Dwayne de Rosario to their team, as he is expected to make his debut in their starting XI.  Union fans know how it goes in the first match that a new player is introduced to the team and has little time to train (Ruiz, Paunovic).  Hopefully, like Union, United will seem completely out of sorts and be unable to score a goal.

Union seem to be getting over the injection of Paunovic into their lineup.  His scoring a goal has stopped me from ripping Union for signing a 33-year-old who had been retired longer than Union have existed.  And that the team scored 3 goals in the match was encouraging.  The big questions coming in are:  Who starts at forward alongside Carlos Ruiz, who starts at right wing midfield if Le Toux is the other forward, and can the defense regain its form after conceding 2 goals last week?  Seba made it known that he would like to be a forward only, and he would like Danny Mwanga up top with him.  And I think most Union supporters agree.  My guess is that Peter Nowak will start Le Toux with Ruiz again, and we’ll see a Farfan on the right wing.  The less-certain answer is about the backline.  I’m counting on some newcomer disorganization from DC to account for a lack of threats to the Union rearguard this match, but that may obscure the point that these guys are not as good as they were at the season’s outset.  Other than Jordan Harvey getting a red card, and being subbed out a few times, the back line has played almost every minute of every match (yes, there was the one time Danny Califf was sick, I know).  This may be a point in the season where they need to hit their second wind, so to speak.  We’re only half way through the season, so the back four needs to regroup and shut down an opponent in their stadium. 

My prediction is that the Union defense can not keep a clean sheet, but the offense will pick up the slack.  I see this match ending 2-1 in favor of Union.

Nick Y., the other .5 of Unholy Union


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