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All too personal Touchlines

We get no downtime this week.  From traveling to the far reaches of the Oregon Trail up to Vancouver (our team played like they had dysentery, that’s the only reference I got) and now back, they must fight off the evil witch and that damn dog Todo while trying to recover 3 points against Kansas City Sporters on Wednesday.  Can our team recover?  Can they play like they have a set?  Or are we just dust in the wind.

Speaking of wind(bags), Captain Jack Warner has finally jumped ship with his resignation from FIFA and CONCACAF!  The catch?  All allegation investigations on Warner have been closed, open only if the bastard comes back into soccer.  Who here smells something fishy?

Speaking of fish, rumor has it that Ruiz is looking to play elsewhere once the summer transfer window opens up.  No wonder we got someone just as old and worthless as he is.

Speaking of the Old Serbian, I have nothing against Paunovic… it’s just fun to make jokes on him based on his age and it was a comment being said in passing (as I have said it before to others).  Now, if he plays worse in the next match, or even at all, there will be hell to pay (or just some twitter comments).

How far does “In Nowak We Trust” go?  How much longer can we take his baffling decisions?  As much as I’m annoyed, at least he hasn’t gained 200 pounds, eats nothing but cheesesteaks, and gotten a case of “um’s” like some other coaches in the area.  As long as that doesn’t happen, I think I’ll be happy.  Philly can only take so much of it you know.

And to close – RIP Ryan Dunn and his passenger.  Any death is nothing to laugh about.

(what, you thought I’d make some jackass comment?)

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