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Touchlines – Not really getting you there

Word has it there are various reasons why SEPTA would not plan to rebuild Lamokin, or look into creating a closer, more viable and convenient station for commuters to PPL Park.  One of the reasons being cited: High crime rate.  I think that’s the point.

Our blog almost crashed due to the traffic the “open letter” created.  I thank you for that.  If only you’d come more frequently, if only we wrote more frequently… speaking of, I should probably be getting to a post game review at some point.

Podcast of the brain trust (aka fan blogs) was in full effect last night.  Boy does that Union Dues guy have a face for radio and a voice for a web-log.

Beckham didn’t show up last week.  Word is he was attending his childrens’ puppies wedding.  Can you say bender like beckham?

Again with washed up players, word has it Henry is trying to convince Robert “This city isn’t pretty enough” Pires to play at Red Bull.  No knowledge of Pires response, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder… and that beholder is blind.

Rumor has it that the Union are in talks with getting a friendly game with the La Liga team Real Madrid – chalk this up to my big mouth, and another player my girlfriend will want to see… not because of skill mind you.  Shall we place bets on whether or not Ronaldo will show up?  And I mean to the game, he’s never checked into a game once.

The Union now have a 33 year old, 2 years retired, serbian striker as a trialist- Veljko Paunović.  It seems Nowak likes the washed up, too old for this team and league forwards.

The Copa Del Rey being run over isn’t the only thing that happened to a trophy recently.  Ajax’ goalie dropped the Dutch league trophy this past weekend.  Never knew someone so bad with their hands could be a goalie.

The women’s world cup is rearing it’s head around the corner.  99% of American’s still don’t know it’s about to happen, but they knew a tree fell in the woods.

What’s receding faster: Justin Mapp’s value to this team, or his hairline?

Philadelphia elections were held yesterday.  I hope everyone in the city got out to vote, for if no one speaks up, Milton Street might say something stupid.

Who am i kidding with that one?  He just looks stupid enough anyway.

May 21st marks the coming of the end of the world as we know it.  What will the world become after May 21st?  Rainbows?  Lollipops?  Obesity?  Everyone gets healthy again?  World peace?  Total annhilation?  Or is it just another reason to drink (and doop).

And in the famous words of Nostradamus – BEAR FIGHT!

  1. Joe
    May 18, 2011 at 11:41 AM

    In reference to re-opening Lamokin Station, there are a few tangible reasons going against it:

    Highland Avenue Station is only marginally farther away than Lamokin would be. It’s only two or three more blocks away in the opposite direction.

    Chester Transportation Center is far more developed than Highland Ave is and Lamokin was. It’s an actual station building and not just platforms coming off of a city sidewalk. It’s also a major bus interchange and it looks to be closer to the commercial center of the city. A valid argument could be made that it is a safer option than the other stations due to lighting visibility and additional population traffic.

    Finally, the rail line is actually Amtrak’s line between Philly and Washington, so Septa would need to clear their plans with Amtrak first. There’s also the task of making timetable adjustments for the additional stop if they wanted to re-open Lamokin, which also has to take into account passing Amtrak trains. It probably ends up being a lot more of a hassle than people would think.

  2. Angry Commuter
    May 18, 2011 at 3:15 PM

    Joe? Joe…Casey? I knew it was you!

    • djkw418
      May 20, 2011 at 10:49 AM

      I need to stop giving you this link…

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