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An Open Letter to SEPTA Planning

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a season ticket holder for the Philadelphia Union.  I also travel SEPTA on a regular basis, as I live in, and work in the city – being a non-licensed driver aside.  I have been lucky enough to be able to find fans of the team who drive to join me in attending games at PPL Park to be able to attend on a regular basis.  The reason why I am writing is this –

I and many others have recently come to the attention of what used to be a Train station not a 15 minutes walk from PPL Park.  As SEPTA and PPL have both been working on helping those attempting to use public transportation to and from the game, there is still the issue of frequency and timing, yet alone safety in Chester.  I for one have only been to Chester Transportation Center once, and needless to say, it was not a fun or safe feeling experience for me – which has swayed me from not attempting to travel to PPL using SEPTA at any time with or without shuttles.

The finding of this previously used station – Lamokin – which had only been closed in 2003 due to infrequency, bares the question to be asked – would there be any plans in the near future to reinstate this station for business, specifically for PPL Park.

The opening of this station would mean
1) More ridership to and from PPL Park because of the closer proximity the station is to the stadium
2) Easier use of the shuttles as they tend to get tied up in parking lot traffic – having a closer destination would create shorter, and therefore more frequent, trips to the station after the game
3) The shorter walking distance creates an ability for groups of travel to walk through the neighborhood, which for a local entrepreaneur could bring about local businesses to grow (as the stadium is an attempt to help build up the area)
4) More people taking public transportation would equate to less cars in the parking lot, less traffic after the game, more ridership which would equate to more fares for SEPTA, and a lighter load on our wallets due to the 20 dollar parking fare.

As the closest station to the stadium is CTC, being close to 2 miles away, this means that fans of the team can not linger at the stadium – but rather are forced to either get onto a shuttle that they hope will make it to CTC in time, or essentially run to the station to guarantee they have made their train.  The closer distance of a station would be a convenience for those traveling to and from, as this then means that there isn’t a need to rush and possibly risk any injury – be it from over exerting themselves or ignoring any possible traffic.

Because this station was closed down due to infrequency, the rise of PPL Park being a venue with attendance that currently matches that of the Flyers and Sixers, would mean that this station would have a purpose once again, be it only during game days.

We ask that you look into the reinstatement of this train stop, as the infrequency would come to an end.  Maybe even open the station to be used during game days if it is possible.  I understand that SEPTA chooses it’s routes due to demand, and the only way to make that demand aware is to ask, and this is my proposal, as well as others.  There is now a use for the station, and we are requesting this stop to be in service for our convenience and safety.  I myself would also use the train down to PPL if this station was operable.

Thank you for your time
Dan Kenworthy

If those of you reading agree that you would use SEPTA, or would feel safer and using SEPTA and this train station, please copy, edit to your liking, and twitter @SEPTA, make a comment online at http://www.septa.org/cs/comment/index.html (destination stop Lamokin, route Wilmington/Newark) and paste what you have, or call.  If anyone has contact info for Joe Casey or anyone who would be able to pass this along, please inform me to edit this post so we can get this going.  Everyone, please contact them, they will not create a stop there unless there is actual demand for it, and the only way for them to know is to raise our voices.

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