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Touch-Lines : Not driving on the left side of the road

 Once more, your duo of awesome present to you our O.C.D, A.D.H.D, Run DmC topical points of view with – Touchlines.

I wonder if Beckham will use the excuse that he was in a car accident to not come out to Philly and play soccer.  I wonder how long I can hold this over my g/f’s head for not letting me sell my tickets, and instead take her.  Wonder how long until she realizes we don’t have close enough seats to “see his face”.

Will we see any added enforcement for reckless challenges on players that can result in injury, or do refs not have a leg to stand on.

Don Garber is ready to clear the PLS – Peg Legged Soccer.

Discussion between myself and Nick about a new google search to this blog:
Daniel K… we got searched by “what kind of shoes does jorge perlaza wear”
Daniel K… what
Daniel K… the
Daniel K… fuck
Nicholas Y… I tagged him in my post, that’s probably why it came up
Nicholas Y… Better than someone trying to figure out if Kyle Nakazawa has a girlfriend
Daniel K… lol
Daniel K… or kyle nakazawa looking to see if someone wants to be his girlfriend
Nicholas Y… could be

Pacquio had to go 12 rounds with Mosely.  I’m sure Jack Mac can take on LA Galaxy in less.

Will the LA game end in a 1-nil battle once again?  Will it be 0-0 this time?  1-1?  Only Nowak will know.

And for you computer geeks, what is he trying to spell out?  Seriously, this is just a cruel joke and it will say “HAHA” at the end in binary.

Landon Donovan reminds me of that guy in the college dorm who always wore swim shorts, sandals, and a button down t-shirt that was open and even walk around the dorm in bare feet.  What I’m trying to say is, he looks like a douche.  (I don’t care that he’s on the USMNT, he looks like a douche!)*

Our other co-worker remarks how he loves dead horses.  Take that as you will.

And once again, Beckham was in a rear-end accident.  By “rear-end” we mean “sexual affair”, and by “accident” we mean “fell on top of her, I swear”.

Speaking of wash-ups, whatever happened to Charlie Sheen?

This has been your regularly scheduled where on the doll did he touch-….. i mean Touch Lines.

*Alexi Lalas will forever be the douchiest player in my eyes.

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  1. Giant Douche
    May 10, 2011 at 3:37 PM

    Hey, now you’re insulting douches everywhere! Where is the justice?

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