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Union @ Timbers 2nd half commentary

Apparently possession was 52% (I think that’s what I saw) in favor of Portland… we had almost half possession?  I don’t think so..

And now that we are being coerced by random people and Katy Perry to buy some zit remover I’ll post this so all I have to do is update it once play starts.

46′ – No changes yet for anyone.  I would expect Torres to come in around 62′ for Mapp.  Naka sometime after that.
46′ – And we’re off.  And the army keeps chanting.. very monetenous.
46′ – Portland pressing, no surprise.  Cleared out by M Farfan… i think it’s M…
47′ – Cross into the box to no one but the Dragon, who kicks it far to get to Ruiz, who needs to challenge for it.  Goes out for a Farfan-ugen throw in.
48′ – Ruiz plays a toe poked ball from Le Toux into the far corner of the box and takes a quick shot directly into the keeper.
48′ – Perlaza takes a long distance shot that could have cleared over Mondragon, but you can’t fool the dragon and he snatches it out of the air.
49′ – The game has picked up.  Both teams are very threatening.
50′ – Okugo with a clean slide tackle on Cooper.
50′ – Dangerous cross into the Union box, over shoots cooper, Perlaza tries to take control but loses it,  Jewsbury comes in and shoots it wide.  Goal kick.
51′ – Little fancy footwork almost gets us in trouble, but we get the ball back out to Mapp who does nothing with it trying to force it into the box.  Timbers get the ball back.  Midfield back and forth.
52′ – Ruiz takes control and tries a shot… that is like an arch you have to do in angry birds to get over an obstacle – the obstacle was the goal, target was outside the stadium.
52′ – Another cross from timbers into the box and headed out.  Things are getting dangerous for both sides.  I like.
53′ – Mondragon runs out to play the ball and almost is forced into a challenger with a timber.  Dangerous but he got it and passed it out.
53′ – Mapp steals the ball and has to position himself on the sideline to maintain the ball.  Union try to settled and re-attack – gives the ball back.
54′ – timbers pressing again, and Williams gets a clear out for a timber throw in.
54′ – Jewsbury goes too far and it’s a Union goal kick.
55′ – Midfield battle once more.  Trying to stay awake.  Long day…
56′ – Jewsbury with a strike into Carroll, goes nowhere.  Timbers regain the ball, lose it, regain it, and shoot outside the box and goes wide… dangerous.
56′ – Replay shows Cooper is frustrated, and is a bitch calling for any fouls when someone touches him.
57′- Subs for Timbers.  Sal Zizzo – what a name.
57′ – Another Timbers cross headed out, Timbers regain possession.
58′ – Timbers army – “Your city … ?? ?? ??”  Is not us?  I’d hope not.  Rather not see transvestite lumberjacks.
59′ – Possession battle again…  slightly
59′ – Your team is in Oregon, yet you sponsor an Alaskan company…
60′ – Farfan wins a corner for the Union.
60′ – Nice corner by Mapp, but it gets headed out, and cleared for a throw in.  Williams throw in.
61′ – Headed out to Okugo who takes a shot, blocked, and Timbers on a DANGEROUS counter.  Cooper was wide open but had nothing.  Perlaza gets free into the box, but slide tackled out for a Timber corner.
61′ – Corner results to nothing.
62′ – Throw in Philly?  I didn’t see it for either side, can’t comment, as long as Williams throws.
62′ – Throw in a yard from the corner.
63′ – The chainsaw isn’t flooded.  Williams’ throw in reaches the keeper, who fingered it and could have bounced back into the net, Timbers cleared it for another throw in.
63′ –  Bounces around a bit, reaches okugo who makes a shot of it, but his foot topped the ball and it skipped wide.
64′ – Nakazawa is the first sub in for Gabe Farfan.
Gabe looks injured, and yet is being told to hurry up.
65′ – Perlaza gets a ball in line with the D-line, but is muscled off of it to end the breaking run.
66′ – Army chanting the same song again…
66′ – Possession battle again.
67′ – Union lose the ball and goes out.  Mapp thinks it’s he’s, everyone else knows better.  timber ball.
67′ – Timbers cross the ball in for Perlaza, but he runs into the defense, and then complains he was being held.  Go to La Liga.
68′ – Ball gets through and Perlaza is open,  but Mondragon toys with him and scoops it up.
69′ – Army have a trumpet section, go fig.
69′ – Naka with hustle, but loses his footing.
70′ – Shot gets deflected by Union player, Mondragon almost needed to make a save.  Shoulda been a corner, but rewarded a goal… /kanyeshrug.
70′ – Mapp needs to take the shot and not fancy foot it to a low cross… guess what he did.  Ruiz tried to make something of it, but he was nowhere near of diving head for a goal.
72′ – Timbers free kick by Jewsbury gets to a glancing header by Danso and beats Mondragon on the near post…  Timbers 1 – Union 0
73′ – Naka is falling all over the place.
74′ – The goal was 2 minutes ago, and there goes that chain saw.  That screams dangerous… and assinine… and being an asshole.
75′ – We are looking frustrated as a team…this is not good.
76′ – Ruiz looks hysterical trying to throw the ball in… lol.  Leaves it for Naka.
77′ – Naka can’t throw.
78′ – Jack mack and Torres in.  Okugo coming out, Mapp is coming out.  Respectively.
79′ – Timber’s cross into Mondragon’s hands.  Hustle begins.
79′ – Hustle ends out of bounds.
80′ – Timbers regained control, and gets open to have a dangerous skipping cross infront of goal and Perlaza, but out of reach for him.  Cleared out for a Timber throw in.
81′ – Marcelin in for Alhassen – timbers.  Union have no more subs fyi.
82′ – Ball apparently went out on Naka, timber throw in from midfield.
82′ – Free kick timbers.
83′ – Jewsbury taking his damn time.
83′ – Goes off a few heads, and comes back down for a Timbers offsides.
83′ – Union give up a ball in their end, Perlaza with a break and almost gets a clear shot, but valdes deflects it in front of Mondragon and out for a corner.  Valdes makes up to Mondragon for earlier.
84′ – And here is time wasting.  Go fuck yourself dude.
84′ – Corner goes in, bounces and point blank shot goes up and over.
85′ – Marcelin handball about 20 yards out from goal, good straight angle.
85′ – the spray is down, Torres takes..and… um… shanks it… Out from the wall ? Wililams throw.
86′ – Torres from a long way out shoots and keeper punches it, Williams throw.
86′ – Headed, bouncing.
86′ – Ball bounces in with about 4 different pokes, and the Williams gets his feet out, and tries to follow through.  A ruckus begins with both teams.  The ref is calling for Williams and Brunner…  No card was shown?  What just happened…
87′ – Someone got booked.  I guess Brunner.
88′ – Just Brunner.  Ha!
88′ – Carroll gets picked off again.  No one’s having a good game.
89′ – Sheanon WAS carded.  Come on FSC graphics and announcers.
89′ – So much happened I don’t know… we came out clean though, luckily enough.  Come on Union!
90′ – We should have had a goal… and I’m losing energy…  3 minutes Extra time starts now.
91′ – Wallace carded for time wasting.  And he still waits.
91′ – Timbers make a final substitution.  Perlaza out… waste more time.
92′ – William with a quick sideline throw in, le toux keeps it in from a goal kick, another throw in this time deep.
93′ – timbers on a break, gets it to Cooper, cooper to Pore, and Pore to noone.
94′ – Free kcik union, Mondragon takes it.
94′ – Union foul Timbers, free kick them.

Final whistle.

Timbers 1 – Union 0 ….  sigh…

Timbers didn’t have 2 shutouts in a row.  They lost their last game.  no it wasn’t league play, but stop saying that.  Realistically they lost their last game.

Time to turn this station off before i get more annoyed.  We should have had something…

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  1. djkw418
    May 7, 2011 at 12:37 AM

    Apologies for the trail off towards the end… sleep deprivation and just frustration dont add well to concentration.

  2. Alon
    May 8, 2011 at 6:21 AM

    FYI, the chant you referred to at 58′ is “You can’t stop us! We are the Rose City….”

    And if you think Union should have had a goal, you should probably concede that Portland should have had another 1 at least. Between Brunner’s early header miss and Perlaza and Pore on breakaways late, someone should have come up with one.

    • djkw418
      May 9, 2011 at 10:31 AM

      Naturally this blog should be biased due to it being a fan’s reaction to the Union, especially with initial reactions to the game. I haven’t seen a replay yet to have an ‘unbiased’ look, but the game was too excruciating and I think I’m still tired from staying up that late for the game. Both teams could have easily tallied more than one looking back on it. But I’ll hold true to my biasedness and say this was a wasted game. Thanks for reading though. Comments are always welcome!

    • djkw418
      May 9, 2011 at 10:34 AM

      I also think i’m trying to be funny while being ignorant of the other teams… I know I’m not, but I think I am. 😀

  3. May 8, 2011 at 6:15 PM

    Better Alaska Airlines – which is based in Seattle – than that poor excuse for an airline – USAir!!

    • djkw418
      May 9, 2011 at 10:32 AM

      You would think that with a name “Alaska” it would be IN Alaska… guess they just go to Alaska… Who wants to go to Alaska? Minus hunters, fishers, and the occasional poacher.

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