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Union @ Timbers 1st Half commentary

I’ll try to update this as much as possible during the first half.  Same for the 2nd.

The starting 11 has been announced, and twitter is all a flutter, get it?  like little birds?  Anyway, we are all confused.  Harvey out with a red, and Califf is out sick.  No Gonzalez, who is our only back up natural defender… not even on bench.  This makes no sense.  Top that with putting Migs in of all people into the CD position, and you lose blood in your head.  M Farfan is replacing Harvey in LB after his primo showing last week.  Keon Daniel however, is NOT in the lineup which makes no sense.  Must have crossed the coach…  That or Nowak is treating the Timbers like a bushleague team… which you could assume so because of their gimmicks.

EDIT:  Just got word that Migs is not starting, and Gabe Farfan is in the CB position.  Everyone breathes a sigh of relief.  Wonder twins activate!

Pregame has started, and suprise! It’s raining in Portland.  Reasons why I’ll never move south or to the west.  The pregame has us listed as a 4-3-3, let’s hope this is not the case as we are terrible with it.

Post to be updated once game starts.

0′ – Well, that game’s practically over.  No more Flyers for now!
0′ – And here we go with unnecessary FSC graphics to get people intrigued in a station you still have to pay for. – No one’s gonna find this station if they don’t have it.
0′ – So many flags… wonder if anyone there knows semaphore…
1′ – And we’re off!
1′ – And it trickles to Mondragon
1′ – Wide right shot goes wide.
2′ – Apologies, I’m rusty at this.  I’ll get better.
2′ – Mwanga in the middle, passes to Farfan who cuts it back.  Some midfield passing… and a text distracted me and i missed how their goalie got it… phone off (this isn’t going well).
4′ – Some non-exciting back and forth play currently.  A Portland drive ends in an offsides.  The weird lineup is strategically taxing on a viewer.
5′ – M Farfan freekick into the box ends in a headed clear out.  Nice free kick.  Ball goes out of bounds and is apparently portland’s /kanyeshrug.
7′ – Some nice midfield defense by the Union cutting off any fast counters the Timbers are expecting to do to us.
8′ – Timber’s appeals for handball go down in flames as play goes on, and the possession challenge continues.
9′ – Mwanga with a nice run down the side, but gets cleared out.  Gabe with a throw in.
9′ – Gabe pushed down, but the refs are being homers… and… um..i dont know what’s going on.
10′ – Perlaza is sick. Kept onsides by a union failed header, and almost gets fouled inside the box by two of our guys, but he’s not ronaldo.  Corner kick.
10′ Mondragon a beast, is fouled, yet ther’s no call.  Ball gets cleared, and comes back only for him to take control of it.  Timbers are invoking the beast.
’11 – I know they sing songs 4 or 5 times in a row, but I remember this from their home opener… I think this is the only song the Timber army sings…
12′ – Mapp with a nice steal, yet gives it back away.  Traces of migs continue.
13′ – Cooper with a nice break, looses his feet and facepalms himself with Sheanon Williams’ own hand.
13′ – And there’s the chain saw.  Stick it Joey, it’s gonna flood again and you won’t be able to start it.
14′ – Nice touch cross direct into the box from midfield to Cooper, who chested it into a clear by the union.  Play continued and what seemed like a foul, but the ref waves on for the player to get up.  Let ’em play.
15′-16′ – Portland has controlled possession.  This isn’t good.
16′ – Williams is in RCD? … so confused by this lineup.
17′ – Mapp = rusty…  Farfan bros look sick –  someone get a tifo of them as the Mario Brothers? please.
18′ – Moving forward goes nowhere, gabe to throw in.  Cut off and cleared out….
18′ – That’s not the Califf elbow, the Perlaza kick nails Gabe Farfan in the face with a high kick.  Gets a yellow for his trouble.
19′ – Le Toux free kick has distance, but still wide.
20′ – This is harder than I remember.  Union get control, and lose control of it crossing it forward.
21′ – Union throw in in Timbers zone again.
21′ – Carroll gives up a pass and kills the offensive momentum, what was building (yes i’m seeing things)
22′ – Dangerous run down the far side of the field by Timbers, Williams does like a good defender and forces a goal kick.
23′ – Through ball to Perlaza looks dangerous but falters.  Goes back to Timbers D-line and they then air express it to us, we air express it back… and … um.. Portland has the ball again at this point.
25′ – Not anything very exciting.  A pointless lunge behind the ball by Mapp on Chara gets him a Yellow.  The score is nothing nothing, but tied for Yellows.  Again, Mapp = rust right now.
26′ – Valdes clears the ball for a corner from the box, but Mondragon was going to scoop it… Miscommunication and I’m sure Valdes is going to hear it… eventually.
27′ – Corner results to nothing.
28′ – Good low shot by Timbers, Mondragon eats it.  Kicks it out.
29′ – A decent air ball to Jewsbury from midfield, goes over the head in the box, and trickles out the endline for a goal kick.
30′ – Throw in for Timbers in our zone.  No possession for us.  Long throw, headed to Le Toux who half clears it into a quarter field battle.
31′ – Williams with a good block to get possession and stop the timbers offense at that point – dangerous run by the timbers.
32′ – We need control.  We just need to keep the ball.  No more giving the Timbers the ball.
33′ – Speaking of, we have possession and control… and as I typed it, we lost it.  doh. I’m a jinx.
33′ – Mapp runs down the right side and tries to cross it, but waited too long and crossed it out of the endline.  Goal kick.
34′-35′ – the width of the field is hurting the Timbers too as they can’t get any good side runs / crosses / bend it like beckam’s.  they look dangerous, but not so much.
35-36′ – Mwanga to Mapp who takes it down to the line and passes it back to Mwanga in the box,  he settles it and tries to get a low cross into the box for ANYONE, but goes to the keeper.
36-37” – Gabe looked threatening on the left side, tried to gain room and play footsie before a cross but loses it.  Mwanga recovered and back to gabe, who lost it again.  Timbers counterattack down the right dangerously who crosses it into nothing.  Ball bounces back and forth and again! with a dangerous cross.  Union clear, thankfully.  Throw in Timbers.
38′ – Nagbe with a dangerous cross into the Union box to almost no one.  This is getting shaky.
38′ – Through ball to Perlaza, which the ball didn’t wanna go to Perlaza and took a skip farther away from him and out the endline.  Goalkick.
39′ – Mwanga with a break down the right side… low cross into Ruiz gets cut off, bounces to Le Toux who makes a weak stab at it at point blank range and goes directly into the keeper.
41′ – Okugo knocks down Timber.  Free kick about 25 from the goal.
42′ – Kick goes into the crowd and headed out to the side.  Danger clear …for now.
42′ – Timbers regain possession, shocker.
43′ – Cross goes BEHIND everyone… sigh…
43′ – Le Toux crosses it in for a head to head challenge, too high for Ruiz, but goes out off a timber.  CORNER!
44′ – Mapp takes, short and gets blocked by a timber.  Mapp regains the ball and passes back to Gabe.  Reset.
45′ – Jewsbury with a free kick into the box, which gets headed by Brunner and only JUST over the goal… Just… 0-0 still
45′-ET- Trow in Mapp on the right side near timber side… where’s Williams?
45′-ET- M Farfan throwin now on right side…  Challenged out into the middle.
There’s the whistle…

0-0 still.  Yellow Mapp, Yellow Perlaza.  Timbers maintained posession throughout the half, and various dangerous ‘attempts’, much resulting in nothing thanks to our d-line.  There are some flaws starting to show through on both teams though, especially now that the game is picking up.

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