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Philadelphia Union vs San Jose Earthquakes

This weekend we will see the combination of two equals, well, in their own right.  One of high standing and power, and the other some may even consider not worthy enough to clean the other’s shoes.  The masses will gather to watch, others will clamor to get a glimpse, and many others will watch on their ‘boob’ tubes.  But enough about the royal wedding, there’s soccer to be had.

Location: PPL Park, Chester PA
When: 4pm
Weather: Not the shit storm that will be today.

San Jose leaves a special place in my heart.  That’s only because this was the first game I went to PPL park to watch.  I remember the day fairly well.

Went to the Dark Horse to watch some soccer, I believe it was still World Cup, but hardly anyone went to watch the game (it was one of those teams that clearly weren’t worth it).  It was rainy, and miserable looking.  Chatting up the bartenders cause there was not much else to do, and as I’ve been there the previous weeks early on to watch as many games as I could of the WC, we knew (and still know) eachother by name.  He then asks me if I’d want to go to a Union game, I say of course, cause at that point i didn’t bother with season tickets.  He goes into the bar’s ‘office’, comes out with 3 tickets.  Free.  I was beside myself.  So I called as many people as I could as the game was only about, say… 2 hours away.  From that point on, the skies began to open up, the rain went away, and the game was to be had in a glorious way in section 101.

And of course they lost thanks to backpedaling  Harvey in the back, and one of many weak goals throughout the season.  This will explain my original dislike of Harvey, and my fondness for the kazoo (they were passing out kazoos for that game).

Fast forward a year:

I don’t dislike Harvey anymore.  Our defense is profoundly better, and spectacular, our goalie has not come across a “rock” in the middle of the field, and we are considered one of the top teams in the league based on power rankings (which I would hope were compiled based on opinion of gameplay and not just the standings).  We are not the same team at PPL park they faced last year in July, and we have a winning record.  We are still undefeated at home.  We will pack you a sandwhich and a hug, and then punch your face in.

This game will be the test of what Nowak and company can do to improve this team.  Improvement has been progressing during the beginning stages of the season, but can be difficult week in and week out with a schedule of mondays and wednesdays to cement the improvements you are trying to make.  Many are calling to see more than one goal scored, some are calling for more unison from the midfield to the strikers, and some are just calling for pizza.

San Jose is one of the worst teams in the league, but anyone in sports knows that no team should ever be taken lightly.  For starters, San Jose has last year’s golden boot with Wondolowski, but clearly hasn’t been able to help the team other than be the leading scorer.   The team from a standings and stat perspective looks as though they aren’t the pushovers they seem to be, being 1-3-2 (W-L-T), they posted 2 goals against  an as of now average FC Dallas, lost by 1 goal to the CONCACAF runner ups in RSL, tied 2 goals verse Seattle, tied 1 verse Toronto, and naturally were massacred by the RBNY 3 nothing.  What brings their ability into even more of a question is their 2-1 loss against Chivas, who as everyone knows is not just the Lesser LA team, but is mostly a laughing stock, being goats doesn’t help.  San Jose’s ability to score is not in question, but facing a defense built like the cement wall Nowak was probably accustomed to in his home land, their offense should be held in check at the very least.  The only concern now is – our ability to score goals.  Besides all that analysis, Convey is coming home once again, which is always enjoyable to watch a player coming to his hometown. 

I would hope to expect 2 goals easy from the Union, but hopes are often sometimes dashed.  It’s coming to 2 weeks since a match, this may be a whole entirely different team the Union have shown us for all we know.  The only thing we are asking for is improvement, and a win – most definitely a win.  A reason to DOOP.

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