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Pre Game – RSL vs Philadelphia Union

I must say from the start, after watching last night’s CONCACAF Champions League game, I don’t feel like Union will win this upcoming game this weekend, especially at Rio Tinto Stadium.  Though last night’s 1st leg was a draw, Real should have won the game.  Monterrey, though, is a top Mexican team that has been (and still is technically) undefeated in the tournament, therefore the draw is still a good showing, especially on Mexican soil (I hope RSL brought their own water).

My observations on Union’s opponent are that Morales is fantastic on the ball, as well as Beckerman.  They faltered at some points, but since Monterrey started off playing a counterattack game, RSL controlled the tempo a significant amount of the match.  RSL’s defensive line came up with plenty of good clears, 1 person of note would be Russel with his fantastic hustle and drive.  Their goalie, Rimando, wasn’t impressive last night, but you have to get past the line first before you can get a GOOD shot on goal, and with their midfield it would be difficult for Ruiz to put an accurate foot on the ball from 40 yards out. 

Now, yes their starters must be drained by going all out for 90 minutes (most likely faster than their normal pace), but what have you with their reserves – I would say they have just as much talent as the starters.. minus the dude with the dreds.  I would advise that the Union should take a week off, maybe even delay the game so that we can rack up some more league points so that we can afford a loss like this.  Gotta maintain that #1 conference spot.

I really wish we had a week off to prepare, or even get our gears in order and our ducks in a row to face one of the best MLS teams ever.  This will be a difficult game when it happens, and a must see for every Union fan, just don’t necessarily expect the best outcome for us…

When – September 3rd (gotcha)
Where – Rio Tinto Stadium

doesn’t matter.. we just thought being dumb was funny.  The match got moved from Saturday to September.  They better win that cup.

– Dan and Nick

  1. Carlos Ruiz # 3
    April 21, 2011 at 12:34 PM

    Wow, way to be optimistic, guys. No worries, the Union are good to go.

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