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Philadelphia Union vs New York (jersey) Red (pink) Bulls (cows) – April 9th 7pm

Ok, ok ok, I’ll be serious with this one, joking aside.  To be honest, I am fairly amp’d for this match tomorrow, so much so I’m remembering one of our best pre game posts you can find here.

Date – April 9th
Time – 7pm
Where – PPL Park, Chester
Weather – Bullish.

The Union coming off a disappointing, yet exciting (at least from the perceptions of the newly formed FC Chatroom soccer club) game on Wednesday against DC United, we are looking for some league redemption against those overinflated sense of selves that say they’re form New York just like an overseas American says he’s Canadian – you’re not.  Not to mention the terrible game – in all senses of the word terrible – against LA last Saturday in league play, we’re expecting to pick up the pace and win this one.

Some recent changes with the Red Bulls – sprouting a well placed team of stars to begin with, just picked up De Rosario (if you remember him from last year, he did that dirty bird walk after scoring a stupid goal from a stupid penalty).  He’s one to fear as he’s expected to give the NYRB’s a jolt in their offense.  He’s an explosive player with some talent, but his play and appearance scream of someone you just want to punch in the face – unfourtanately Little Mac-inerny is out of the game due to a red card in extra time in LA (read: game was over anyway).  Pair up De Rosario with the stars and experience the Red Bulls (should) have and this is going to make for an interesting match.

Because of this, there are 2 things that we need to watch that would make for this to be an exciting game –

1) Our defense.  We’ve been fairly solid this year, being only 4 games in.  Only 1 goal allowed in league play, and 2 in USOC play (1 of which being speculatively situational).  If our defense stands true to form, then we should see a decent and overplayed midfield battle and plenty of offsides calls.  But, if our defense holds true to form then we might not have —

2) Offense.  We need to be attacking more and better.  In league play we’ve been plagued with terrible through balls and defensive clearings to noone without any possession.   As we are tight defensively, it doesn’t help when we have no counter ability and give the ball directly back to the other team.  We need to bunker down on offense just like we are on defense, and control the tempo of the game by merely controlling the ball better.  Don’t be looking for the long ball to Ruiz who will get out ran to the ball and attempt to score.  Control – possess the ball, be the ball Danny…nananananana…


If we make better passes, judgement, and strategically bring the ball (and game) to them, we should be able to outplay and win this one and make this a game to remember. 

It’s not likely we will see the lineup that played in DC (Nowak says Migs felt ill and didn’t play) so be expected to see the redundancy that most everyone is annoyed with this year.  My issue with that is what everyone else is saying, Carroll is good enough by himself, and Migs blows chances like an Asian massage parlor down in south Philly.  Put him in and you’ll see the attacking team that we imagined (from chatroom updates of the game) back to a offensive blackhole.  Mapp is cleared to play, but if he will get a start is anyone’s guess at the moment. 

Remember, lot parking lots open 5 hours before the game, and let’s show Red Bull how to properly fill a stadium.

  1. April 8, 2011 at 2:28 PM

    The most critical matchup is going to be stopping young U.S. international Juan Agudelo. That, and he’ll get a helping hand from Theirry Henry (I couldn’t resist), which makes their attack formidable. This is every bit the test that L.A. was last weekend. Union’s offensive struggles are not likely to be rectified in this matchup, as Rafa Marquez and Tim Ream are as solid a centerback combo as there is in MLS. The addition of Dwayne De Rosario to the RBNY midfield is adding strength to strength. Miglioranzi and Carroll need to have far and away their best performances of the season, or their turnover-prone acts will land several balls behind Mondragon.

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