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After the LA abysmal (riot)

First, I would like to apologize for no proper post game analysis, nor a pre game analysis in the past week.  So, here is your post (while I’m at home and not busy at work).

For starters, I have to say that I watched the full first half of the LA game, and given my situation (up late the night before, little sleep, and moving some things) i took a nap during half time.  This then resulted in missing the majority of the second half, boy was I beat.  In looking everything up on bigsoccer.com and various other comments, I didn’t miss much and would have been even more annoyed.

In other words, I would present you with this post from a fellow blogger, it is not a post game analysis, but more of a complaint to the team.  A wake up call, rather.

I agree with him on many points, but many things that need to be said had been left out.

From watching the first half, there are many critiques that need to be made.  First and foremost, if Valdes is as good as a player as he is / should be, he came awfully close to giving the game away twice early on.  First the accidental elbow could easily have been called, but granted it was in the box, it would have to be a blatant call.  Considering the officiating was terrible in every sense on both sides I am suprised it wasn’t.  2nd, Valdes David Myrie’d the crap out of Landon.  Considering I am one of the very few who really don’t like the guy, even when he’s on the USMNT, I am one to say he deserved it – but that foul call should easily have been a yellow.  The free kick resulted in nothing, but the severity of the foul should have been more.  Valdes needs to step up his game, and not be as reckless as he’s been because when the play has been coming down to just him in between the goal, I haven’t been impressed in the least.

The goal that made what looked like a clear tie into a loss – seriously, what was that?  It’s almost like the team never heard of the word “MARKING”.  Our set pieces are crap, and that also means that we aren’t likely to be good at defending set pieces.  This was clear that LA’s Leonardo was open – 3 feet away from any defender or even offender.  That is sad in every part.  I’m certain that Mondragon was not expecting the ball to be hit and placed at that spot, and he should have easily saved it… Watch the replay, the ball if 1 inch to the left would have bricked out.  Luckily enough, the dragon is not phased by it and made 2 great stops soon after, but on a defensive standpoint, that ball should NOT have happened.

Midfield and offense.  I can’t critique on this because there was none.  I can go on and on, but for the past 3 games it doesn’t look like there is any heart or drive in the midfield and offense.  Migs clearly should not be in a starting position, Naka is making improvements, but still is rough around the edges, Carrol is Carrol and is doing good by not making mistakes.  Le Toux is hurt and someone needs to make the executive decision of telling him he CAN’T go on the field.  Ruiz is lackluster at best… It’s almost like he only wants to score, but he cant’ because he doesn’t have the speed to catch up to the crosses.

To compare this team to last year (“We are better than last year”  “We are worse than our peak last year”) is irrelevant considering this is practically a new team with starting positions – where only 4 or 5 starting players were starters last year.  To compare to last year – yes, we are not letting silly mistake goals into the net, but we still actually attacked the net this time last year, this year we’re barely getting attacks going.  We have had terrible posession, and even being a man up for practically a full half last night, there is no excuse.  I enjoy the fact that we won our first 2, but they were sour wins because if we are the team we are presenting ourselves to be, those should have been 2 – 0 wins, much like last night should have been at worst a 1-1 tie.  Something needs to change, something needs to start… We can make the excuses of “It’s the start of the year” and “It’s MLS, every other team is playing terribly too” but this is what we expect, this is what we want.  If we have the caliber talent the team’s PR club likes to give us, then we expect it and not want to watch a dull, lackluster win.  We want to be wooed, we want to be tough, we want chances, shots, possession, we want to be Philly, we want the U.

  1. April 4, 2011 at 1:42 AM

    Winning ugly has its charm, losing ugly is just, well….losing. I agree with sitting LeToux, but wait untill Mapp and Jack are back. Fantastic post, I always love your stuff!

  2. Uuuuunion
    April 5, 2011 at 9:58 PM

    Great recap. You tore into their poor performance but didn’t go off the wagon too much. The Union are still a “new” team, so bumps like this will happen. The important part is to come back the next match and win.

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