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Are you ready to … DOOP!

Dan – the slacking, bored, 1/2 of unholy union (and only person posting recently…. hmm…)

We are officially (less than) 3 days away from the first Philadelphia Union kick of the 2011 season.  An exciting time for one and all, and a painfully, long, excruciating off season it has been… What a weird crazy trip it’s been…

Ok, enough of the bad yearbook phrases, and get onto some pre season comments.

1 – My season ticket cards and gifts have arrived.  I couldn’t think at work because I have been waiting for 2 months since I have ordered this, and it is well worth the wait… minus the mini scarf.  But hey, I now have something to decorate my cubicle with, because as Nick can attest, there’s nothing to show that someone works there other than stray wires and papers… plus a name placard but who notices those.

2 – I have immersed myself in a TON of things Union, and then bother Nick with them during work.  Some things interesting, some minor, some annoying, and some end up me getting into twitter / forum wars that he makes fun of me for.  I recently joined bigsoccer.com forums (and stupidly signed up with the username for this blog) and I have recently become accustomed to the fact that – i don’t know jack.  Which is OK.  The downside of all of this, being that we create a blog, add our own 2 cents, and try to come up with creative posts to critique the team, talk about the team, or analyze the team for the makes and breaks we will be looking for in the beginning of the season – we see it’s already done by others who are doing the same thing, have the same opinions and ideas we thought of, and kills our motivation (note my not ranting on Nowak’s press attack a week ago, talking about the back and front lines, and the current roster, and so forth).  We have recently gotten busy work schedules, and often don’t update this besides work and some live game commentary at home(post half since we post once the half is done… editing is a bitch for 45 minutes).  The plus side though is that I get to see everything that’s going on, and am not as in the dark (or trying to find LiveWell station) as I was last year.

3 – Spammers are funny.  At some points I think the only people who come to our blog are spammers… at least those are the only ones who comment.  As the tragedy in Japan is heartwrenching, and a sobering fact that, as powerful as a race (humans) are, we will always succumb to the forces of nature.  The fact that spammers are now leaving comments about this, is pathetic.

4 – Some of what I wanted to make commentary of – yay soccer related material for a soccer related blog:

Saturday is going to show us exactly what Nowak has in plan, which at this point many fans watching the comings, goings, and missing persons of our roster make it seem the only plan Nowak has is filling in the holes that are left over.  Additions of Valdes, Mondragon, and Ruiz are key, but the lack of depth in the backline has many biting their nails.  We have all heard that some trialists and rookies have been taking positions in the backline with the experimentation Nowak created that forced Toni Stahl into a “Bye bye” situation last year again, has us worried.

I would not be surprised if we hear about one more signing either Thursday or Friday for one of the leftover trialists, but, rumors have fooled me before.  We still have Houpou (sp?), G.Farfan, and the never mentioned Keon Daniels in practice and camp.  There was even a feel good article on Farfan, and mentioned him playing a back position… But these feel good articles have been created before, and eventually lead to a missing persons report for Orozco-Fiscal.

For the midfield, it seems as though Le Toux will be dropping back into that position.  As he has a “Get out of Nowak glare for going out of position free” card, this will help position him to drop back on defense and push forward on offense more efficiently.  This of course being if he’s around his position.  In all likelihood, he will be all over the field, doing what he does best, being himself.  Not exactly much has changed for the midfield, except for the addition of Carroll in the early offseason, but I have faith in the mid field.

Ruiz, the “little fish”, which is quite popular at the moment thanks to Lent, has all signs pointing to the idea (fact, we will see) that he wants to at least make a statement this year.  I was going to say prove himself, but he has in many regards, to the chagrin of many people hating him.  Your hate feeds our motivation to DOOP.  In all honesty, my opinion is that this will be the make or break signing of the off-season.  What will and does Ruiz do, and will he be up to par with our expectations?

The only fear people have about Mondragon is the straight out of college keeper we have as a backup.  Should anything happen (knock on wood) MacMath will have to step up.  There are fears of testing a young keeper at this level too early, but again, something we will have to see when it comes to it.

My last and final comment is this… bring on the DOOP!  It’s been too long.

  1. John
    March 16, 2011 at 11:14 PM

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    • djkw418
      March 16, 2011 at 11:38 PM

      i hate you…

  2. March 16, 2011 at 11:42 PM

    I was just thinking the same thing today. Every time I publish something one the “big” blogs posts exactly the same thing several hours later. I am begining to feel redundant already. Carry on brother! The more voices the louder we are is my theory

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