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Season Predictions!

We are officially two weeks away from opening kick, and 3 weeks away from home opener (season tickets, WHAT WHAT!).  Me and my horrible other half (no, not my g/f) would like to bring you our predictions for the season – predicted firsts, goals, and so forth.

As an aside, no, I dont feel like commenting on any more of the offseason acquisitions and happenings, as the general feeling after Nowak’s recent interview has left a terrible taste on our tounges with his remarks concerning our interest in our team and our players: past and present (also reading various rants before this didn’t help).  Remember, we have until April 15th to make international deals for our roster… *glare*  But without further ado, your Unholy Union’s first ever season predictions: 2011 edition.

First Goal –
Dan – Carlos Ruiz vs Dynamo
Nick -Danny Mwanga, also in the first match

First Shutout (and goalie..just in case, never know)
Dan – Vancouver / Mondragon
Nick -Seattle-Mondragon

First Yellow Card
Dan – Whoever ends up playing out of position as DB first.
Nick -Brian Carroll

First Red Card
Dan – Califf straight, Williams Double yellow
Nick-Carlos Valdes

First substitution
Dan – Okugo for Nakazawa
Nick-Jack Mac for Justin Mapp

First player this season to get pulled and play for Harrisburg due to issues beyond most people’s control and never heard from again?
Dan – Pfeffer
Nick -Levi Houpeu

Season Ending stats and position (WLD)
Dan – 11 – 9 – 14  9th Rank
Nick -14-10-10

First PK awarded to
Dan – Ruiz
Nick -Le Toux

Player with the most minutes logged:
Dan – Gonzalez
Nick -Williams

What color will Seba’s shoes be
Dan – Neon green
Nick -Neon yellow

First player to get a hug from Nowak
Dan – MacMath (…shrug)
Nick -Le Toux

First player to take his shirt off during gameplay
Dan – Jack Mac
Nick -Carlos Ruiz

Most suspension –
Dan – Califf
Nick -Stefani Miglioranzi

First Dive –
Dan – Ruiz
Nick -Um….yeah…..Ruiz

First player to fall over his own feet
Dan – Harvey
Nick -Brian Carroll

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