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Wonders of WordPress.com – and the funny things people search for

So having such an avid viewer membership for our blog, I find it interesting to look up how some people FIND our blog (seriously, like..noone reads this thing).  WordPress, if you didn’t know, contains site stats to help figure out what “Key words” to use and such if you want to be able to get traffic to your blog.  Some amazing wonders of what people have searched come up.

In our entire existence since late August, here is our running tally of Search Engine Terms that have brought people to our blog.

freddy adu union 4
philadelphia union 2011 rumors 3
kyle nakazawa girlfriend 2
kyle nakazawa 2
philadelphia union bimbo 2
philadelphia union rumors january 2011 1
energy drinks 1
jeff larentowicz denver girlfriend 1
#doop 1
philadelphia union bimbo sob 1
speaking like a bimbo 1
union bimbo 1
рамки с ветвями или листиками 1
tastykake 1
la galaxy beckham 1
https://unholyunion.wordpress.com 1
bimbo brought tastekake 1
“jack mcinerney” 1
sheanon williams 1
philadelphia union training camp 1
tastykake buy 1
tastykake bimbo 1
bimbo tastykake 1
freddy adu rumors 2010 1
say beembo billboard 1
https://unholyunion.wordpress.com/2011/01/04/freddy-adu-to-union-rumors/ 1

To be honest, I love 2 of these search terms – the russian one, and “Kyle nakazawa girlfriend”… like…seriously?  That’s hilarious.  I hope whoever looked that up…twice, get what they are searching for.

Sorry Kyle, I can’t get that person’s IP Address to refer you to them.

  1. Not Dave
    February 8, 2011 at 12:24 PM

    My personal favorite is рамки с ветвями или листиками. So well put together and thought out.

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