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In Defense of the Bimbo – A counterpoint

Guest commentator John H.

Hello there, allow me to introduce myself to all five of this fine blogs readers, I’m John, and yes you can call me John. My soccer experience is limited to the two years of soccer I played when I was 7-8 and the many hours I put into FIFA trying to make Liverpool worth a damn. However as any true Philadelphia fan I am loyal to the union, and feel that the criticism of the new union kit sponsor, Bimbo is a bit harsh.

The main issue being presented by Dan, among others on facebook, , well the name of the company is BIMBO, which in many people’s eyes represents a dumb, sexually charged blonde, and more ammo for the opposing supporters to attack us with. To which I say, after a 31 point performance and finishing next to last in the eastern conference I think how the team plays on the field is more than enough ammo.

But in the union defense, how could you turn a deal like this down, first off, Bimbo is, as Dan pointed out below, a semi local company that owns such local legends as Stroehmann’s and who knows maybe tastykake in the coming months. Also this isn’t Bimbo’s first time around the sponsorship circle, as they have their name across the chest of Mexico’s two top teams America and Chivas, the real Chivas not the fake one in LA. However the most important part of any business is money and Bimbo is bringing a boat load, to the tune of 3 million dollars a year. That’s more than the entire union payroll for the 2010 season. I don’t need to use my BS in business (Dan interjection – Trust me, he doesn’t) to tell you that getting a sponsor to basically cover your payroll is a very, very good thing. It could be worse, the Union could be shelling out for herbal supplements like the LA donovans.

So while some of you are happy that you decided to get a sponsor free jersey, yes I’m talking about you Dan, I for one welcome our new bimbo overlords, and look forward to rocking it ironically at the dark horse while being a force in quizzo on Mondays.

-John H is a contributor to the many drink binges Dan has been on.

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