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The Liverpool Mess + Rumors

Now that New England Sports Ventures has officially completed the sale to acquire Liverpool FC (we think…), I’d like to start a rumor.  Liverpool, though they have a bevy of accomplished footballers, they are near the very bottom of the Premiership table.  No team with the likes of Steven Gerard, Fernando Torres, and Dirk Kuyt should be in the relegation zone.  So, what are these new American owners going to do to remedy this situation and return their new toy to glory???  Bring in American talent.

Landon Donovan had an excellent run with Everton last season.  He spurred the club on to its best stretch of the season, making a midling squad nearly unbeatable  at home.  I would not be surprised if one of Landon’s first transfer requests, after LA Galaxy get done choking away the MLS title again, is from NESV, inquiring about whether he’d like to play along side of England’s captain.

There’s no foundation to this, whatsoever.  I think it would be hilarious to see how much better the existing Liverpool players would play if they thought their job was in jeopardy to an American, even if it is Landon Donovan.  To make things even better to that extent, they should float it out there that they’d like to keep Donovan’s partnership with Edson Buddle going.  And then, for additional tabloid fodder, they’ll site Buddle’s goal against Union as a reason to bring David Beckham back to England.  And to think, if Becks returns, he’d be in the Premier League what Kyle Nakazawa is in MLS currently.  Eeek.

-Nick, the other .5 of Unholy Union


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