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Match Preview: Union vs New York

Details: Saturday, October 16th, 6pm.  TV-it doesn’t matter, you’re probably gonna watch the Flyers leading up to the Phillies game anyway, but it’s on FSC

Normally, I would sell you on the idea that Union should be building a rivalry with the team from New York, the same way that the Phillies and Mets, Flyers and Rangers, Eagles and Giants, and the Sixers and Knicks have or have had in the past.  With NY being atop the Eastern Conference standings (4th overall in MLS) and Union 3rd-worst in the league, this match holds little intrigue.

But we soldier on.  What promised to be a Monster of a matchup between Frenchmen Sebastien Le Toux and Thierry Henry will likely not come to be, with Henry ailing from this week, and the match means very little to them.  It would have been nice to see Seba show up his countryman, with his Battery that runs with 5 Hour Energy for a full 90 minutes.  It may have been enough to Jolt the football Rock Star into better form, which he has only shown glimpses of since coming to MLS.  It is, however, just one of the storylines to follow even though Union can’t Vault New York in the standings.

It is Union’s final home game of the season, and much appreciation will be showered on the supporters from players, and organization, alike.  It will be one last time to give the folks a look in-person at what will be built upon for next season.  I’m looking forward to seeing the full starting XI, the best mix of youth and veteran leadership.  I want to see how well the tandem of Danny Califf and Michael Orozco Fiscal play against another playoff team.  MOF has energy to Burn, and seems to Crave control of the central defense, and Cap’n Ink plays well off of him.  This makes for a great foundation for next season’s playoff run.  I’m also AMP‘ed to see Danny Mwanga make one last final pitch for Rookie of the Year honors.  He made his charge earlier in season with Boo Koo publicity for his goals, but as he has cooled, so have his chances to win.  He has two matches to show that he’s a talented, goal-scoring Hustler, who can Go Fast and Rip It.

Though this is how the home season will Exit, Union have pledged to do it at Full Throttle.  The way they play at home is a 180 from how they play on the road, so hopefully that is a reason to think they can earn a result against the Energy Drinks.


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