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We Apologize for these Technical Difficulties

Various things come into play when blogging a fan site blog that prevent actual blogging.

1) Work – In the first 2 weeks of every month both I and Nick are bogged down with work.  Sometimes we barely find the time to make Demolition Man references, yet alone remember we have a blog to uphold.
2) Outside work – Nick’s a frequent bowler and quizo-er, and I’m a frequent slacker (and have a netflix queue out the wazoo) so going on the internet outside of work becomes less likely unless we are sitting down to watch the game, on the internet, because local broadcasting sucks…
I mean, 6-ABC, please do something about broadcasting and availability to all, rather than on an HD channel very few people receive.
3) Life as we know it – well, the Phils are in the playoffs, it’s Phillies Phever, and it’s almost next to a given that we forget about our lesser teams (we have a basketball team?) and overlook the good, but unsuccessful teams, such as the union.  Granted there’s only two games left, one game at home (NYenergyDrinks) and one game away (columbus crew…bah) there’s only one game we care about there (I’ll give you 3 guesses) and then we sadly watch to see who continues on and becomes champion of the MLS.
4) There’s a week and a half in between the most recent matchups (last match was Oct 7, next match is Saturday)
5) … Yea, Phillies…

With a lot going on personally, professionally, and mainstream sports wise, it’s easy to lose track of the hobby created out of something we love, soccer – even for 2 different people running the blog.

We promise that we will end these final 2 weeks of Philadelphia MLS inaugural season soccer strong, and only fade away while watching Premier League soccer during the offseason… But by God, we’ll come back with a vengence next season (and actually do the entire season, rather than starting half way through haphazardly).

Shortly followed by a NY Energy Drink preview matchup featuring the Hand of Gaul.


  1. PizzaBagel
    October 14, 2010 at 4:19 PM

    Forza Rossoneri!!!!

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