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Preview: Union vs L.A. Galaxy

Details: 8pm, PPL Park in Chester, PA, televised on ESPN2 (thank you!!!)

As you may have heard, there’s this British fellow plying his trade in the city of angels, David Beckham is his name.  The media covering this match, and the league in general, would almost have everyone believe that he is the only player on the team anyone has ever heard of.  But he’s not even the best or most significant player on his team.  This team is laden with stars, which makes it really exciting for a young team like Union, and the fanbase.  The United States’ best player, Landon Donovan, and Major League Soccer’s front-runner for the golden boot (top goal scorer) Edson Buddle, are the main parts of the league’s best team.  The Beckhams even have last year’s rookie of the year, Omar Gonzalez.  It comes as no surprise that they own the league’s best record and are in the mode where they are worried purely about playoff positioning. 

What Union lack in talent against the Beckhams, they will make up for grit and determination.  They have more to play for in the sense that some of Union’s players will be unprotected in the upcoming expansion draft.  The team has been built on youth, with the goal set for future development over first-year results.  However, Coach Nowak has seen plenty out of his players since the season’s inception, and these final 3 matches serve as a final audition for some players who may be on the fringe.  Of course, there is the possibility that Union lose no one in the expansion draft, but with 2 teams entering the league next year, that scenario seems unlikely.

As for the actual match, Alejandro Moreno is away playing for the Venezuelan National Team (this is good for Union), and there wasn’t any injury list available to me at the time I typed this, so I guess everyone else is available.  START SHEA SALINAS!!!  With Moreno out, Le Toux should be up top with Mwanga or McInerney, and they need Mapp, Miglioranzi Torres, and Salinas in the midfield.  This probably won’t happen because Nowak seems to like 2 defensive middies in the lineup, but I want more speed, so Shea Salinas should be in there.  Or at least a 2nd half sub.  Something.  Anything.  Please, and thank you.

The match is sold out, so I’m hoping that The Beckhams will be motivated to still play hard and give Union a good contest.  I am really interested in seeing what progress, if any, Union have made since they dropped a 3-1 result to them out in Los Angeles.  I don’t want it to be one of those “well, Union played against reserves” kind of deals.  I also wouldn’t mind seeing Kyle Nakazawa get a start in this game, just for the interesting matchup against Beckham, comparing free kicks.  Regardless of how it plays out, I’m thrilled that this match is on ESPN2, where I can watch it on TV instead of streaming online feed.  Enjoy!

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