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2nd half live stream commentary – Union vs Galaxy

During the recaps, of the week, they showed Buddle’s 15th goal earlier this week.  Now you’re just bragging.

I have 2 cats now (it’s Dan streaming this, not nick) but they’ve been hiding all night… probably a bad sign.

46 – missed some action but come back to Mapp chasing a ball out the goal line… I can assume the rest beforehand.
46 – announcers giving credit to Moreno… yea, we do love the guy, and he’s around the ball enough (as much as he’s on the ground) but don’t give him that much credit.
47 – Some air battle, clears by LA into our end, matched by clears out, rinse, and repeat…
47 – Donovan gets the ball and crosses into the box…Harvey dive heads it back to Knighton. Crisis averted
48 – Announcers comment on how Donovan is probably tired… i think his hairline is.
49 – OOOOoo..  Ball comes to Mapp, and he drills a half cross, half shot at goal from distance and is just wide and high of the corner.  Out for a goal kick.
49 – Le toux touches to mapp who is forced to pass early to Le toux which is intercepted.
50 – Mwanga to mapp who plays into the middle and tries to get into the box “on his favored left foot” but nothing comes of it…
50 – Le Toux signals the out of bonds by LA and it’s given, throw in PU…. results in nothing but Donovan touching it…
51 – Califf with a BEAUTIFUL standing tackle resulting in another attempt at playmaking… ball gets settled…
52 – Williams crosses it in…but FedEx’s it at Rickets, LA ball.
53 – Mapp to Le Toux, who does what he’s good at, makes signals to Mwanga and plays it to him, who plays it to Nukes who tries a long shot but gets deflected by LA D… Cleared and back to us.
54 – Mwanga is 2 goals short of most goals scored by a teenager (shit, he’s younger than me..oh yea..) which the record is held by Altidore.
54 – Why isn’t Le Toux our captain, he’s in on every play, offense or defense, he’s obviously the heart of the team.
55 – I think i saw someone i know in the river end video shot…
55 – Birchell makes a play to Franklin who makes a run..with a diversion by Donovan to draw a defender away. Franklin makes a shot but goes wide.
56 – Donovan caught offsides.  He’s making sure that people realize he’s on the field and no longer in Everton.
57 – For those who don’t know, that’s a British soccer team…look it up.
57 – USWNT for soccer is in attendance at PPL…
57 – Mapp makes a cross into Mwanga in the box, but the header is weak and wide.
58 – Buddle looks like one of those statues on Easter Island………
58 – Mwanga settles it to a Mapp break down the side line…. crosses to Le toux in the box but overuns the ball and can’t keep control. LA plays damage control and clears.
59 – Mwanga tries to give Le Toux a break…but is 10 yards to far and wide…goes to our resident pot head… i mean Rickets (GK LA)
60 – Another attack gets broken down by LA.  Results in a steal and a counter, which is then broken down again.
60 – Beckham has room..as in he reserved 2 suites, 1 penthouse, and the whole art museum, and runs down the sideline and crosses the Buddle, but buddle had to run backwards a bit to head it, and heads it wide.
61 – Mwanga to Mapp outside the box, holds it, plays it to eventually jacobson, and the play gets too confuddled and is cleared… throw in PU
62 – Williams low crosses and CALIFF almost has it, but gets deflected out, throw in PU.
62 – Result of long throw – nada.
62 – Result of XX – 3 bottles down…i need a 4th…
63 – Le Toux down the side, plays into the middle and tries to get it to a covered Mwanga, which then gets tapped out and Le Toux tries to recover it… gets cleared back.
63 – Williams with a run and an attempt, dribbles it way too far and runs into a defender crossing his path in front of him, no foul on either, ball goes out for a goal kick.
64 – Who has a dime bag at PPL, send it Rickets’ way.
64 – Nukes to Mwanga, once again too far ahead.
64 – An apparent hold on Donovan by Fiscal, Donovan embellished a bit, but Fiscal gets away with it thanks to the play being like…10 seconds longer than the foul…
65 – another cross too high and far.
66 – Fred received stitches… updates of “no shits” to keep coming as more information is obtained by the announcers.
66 – Ball out for goal kick, beer out of fridge.
67 – Cross into buddle, but a little too far.. Knighton makes an early decision to play the ball and picks up the cross before any danger can happen.
68 – A cat came out from hiding…but goes to food… what does this mean?
68 – Le Toux is doing his rendition of the running man, where the ball is..here will be there.  Playmaker at his best… but chasing the game doesn’t win you games.
70 – Gonzalez plays out a long through ball for  PU throw in deep in LA.
70 – Donovan takes the throw in and gets cleared out by PU, LA ball….
71 – LA throw in deep by PU corner.
72 – Nukes to Jacobson down the side, back to Le Toux who drives a cross to mapp..too hard and too high, throw in LA.
72 – Cat ran away.
73 – stupid cat…
73 – Le Toux cuts it to Mwanga, to an open Jacobson who brings it into the box and plays to Le toux, who back heels it behind him… Rickets saves it, barely… Goal of the week play.  PU corner.
74 – Salinas in for… ? no clue.
74 – Corner gets cleared.
74 – Salinas in for Jacobson… i like salinas being in, but Jacobson has been a decent playmaker, or at least in the combination of it..
75 – Mapp gets it to Le Toux in the box who has to fight to pass it to Salinas on the side, who side shoots it, but gets cleared out the side.  Damn.
76 – No subs for LA yet…
76 – Kirovski in for Beckham.  And a shot of the river end shows booing, and a middle finger.
77 – Some nice footwork and play by buddle who gives a pass to Kirovsky who drills it wide left.
78 – Donovan on a break, flag is down!!! Knighton comes out and plays and stops the shot. Phew.
78 – Stevens (LA) gets a Yellow.  ( i missed it)
80 – Donovan has a break, which is again offsides.
80 – Mwanga had a break and broke through the defender picking up speed but was called out of bounds…. right…
82 – Kirovski clears the ball and gives us a corner kick.  Mapp…mapp..mapp…
82 – Mapp to Califf, who heads it over the bar.
83 – Torres in for Mapp… boooo…
84 – Buddle tries to make a play against 3 defenders, gets cleared out the side, LA throw in.
84 – They’re stalling for time…. and the crowd boos..
85 – ball to Donovan who could have made a play, but Knighton comes out and breaks it up, dangerously, PU clear.
86 -Salinas cuts in outside the box and crosses… to noone.. if he was out 15 yards it would work.
86 – Jordan in for Juninho… i believe that’s all subs for union, and 2 for LA (?)
87 – Williams used to be a striker…interesting.
88 – Buddle again tring to play against 3 defenders down the sideline and gets manhandled.  As he should be.
88 – How does a frenchmen survive around chester?  Really?
89 – Oooooooooo… Kirovski with a dangerous challenge against migs when he was playing the ball… Cleat into shin.  Draws the yellow on himself.  2 yellows on LA.  None on us…things have changed.
90 – 3 minutes added.
90 – Ball into box, Rickets bobbles it and Califf tries to play, but everything accidental and a foul called on Califf…  ? right…shrug.
91 – Ball to Salinas on the side who takes a chance but is high and wide on the one touch off the bounce.
92 – Magee in for Stevens, all subs are now used for LA and PU.  Note to PU, go for the knees.
93 – Williams to Torres who floats it in but LA steals it… Gets it out to buddle who is trying to make another break through a body, but gets called for a foul for knocking down harvey.
93 – Torress leads to Salinas, who BARELY crosses it in before the goal line, gets played out for a corner………
93 – Corner goes in, headed out by salinas….  Game is called.

Result – LA 1 – PU – 0
27′ Edson Buddle off corner assist from David Beckham.

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