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Day After the Carnage: Union vs. Rapids

“Rapids” is an appropriate name for the Colorado MLS franchise, based on what they did to Union last night.  They scored in “rapid” fashion, netting 2 goals in the first 15 minutes.  That “rapidly” changed what Union would have to do to earn a result.  They pressed for goals to get back into the game, which lead to their “rapid” descent into a 4-goal deficit.  Union were swimming against the current basically the whole match, and it worked as well as when you get caught in the “rapids” and you’re barreling towards a waterfall.  If that isn’t enough quotation marks for ya, here are some snippets from my match preview, followed by some comments.

“Omar Cummings is scary-good, but he’s questionable for the match.  Rapids need this match to maintain their playoff position, so I expect him to be in, and that’s bad for Union.”  Um, ya think?  The man ended this match, essentially, 15 minutes in, as he scored those first 2 goals.  The second, a volley played in the air directly off a corner kick, was finishing touch Union are not used to seeing.  It really was just poor marking.  I called him scary-good for a reason, so, to Union, COVER ANYONE I LABEL AS SCARY-GOOD!!!  I feel better now.  Moving on…

“The guy they say will take Casey’s spot, Mac Kandji, seems like he might be difficult to deal with.”  He had 2 assists, including one on the nail-in-the-coffin 4th goal, when he ran onto a well-played through-ball, neatly sliding it across Knighton to the foot of Quincy Amarikwa.  He was, indeed, hard to contain.

“What do I expect:  I’m thinking this is a loss for Union.  They have played well since the defense has been sorted out, but Colorado has more to play for, and they have a solid defense, as well.”  It seems as if, in hindsight, I was giving Union way too much credit.  To say they were dominated would also be nice.  It looked like an adult team playing against a high school team for much of the match.  Colorado toyed with Union, especially after having the early 2-goal lead.

“Then, I also want to see Brad Knighton as the first name listed.  He’s earned the start in the rest of the season’s games.”  This is the first test for Union fans’ tolerance with Brad Knighton since he proved himself a worthy starting goalkeeper in MLS.  He may have been a victim of poor defensive play, but either way, that whole “Our Defense is Good?!?!?!?” posting got blown out the window, like what Charles Barkley “allegedly” did to some poor schmuck at a 2nd Street restaurant years ago.

Their next chance to give me some idea of what this team will be going into next season will come on Saturday, when they are in the friendly confines of PPL Park to play Houston Dynamo, a 4pm start.  Due to my attendence at an Octoberfest beginning at 5pm, there will be no running diary from me.  Maybe I can get Dan K. to do it….

-Nick, the other .5 of Unholy Union

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