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Match Day Preview: Union vs. Colorado Rapids

Vitals:  9:30pm game time, Live Well HD Network (Damn you!!!), taking place somewhere in Colorado, probably near Denver I’m guessing.  Commerce City is 7-8 miles north of Denver.  Rapids play in Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.  I wonder if the players get kidded about that.

Union:  The first thing I was looking was a lineup to see if Danny Mwanga is in it.  He got removed from the match Saturday because his shoulder is hindering his performance.  And, per a report in Philly Soccer Page, Mwanga didn’t travel with the team.  I think the quick turnaround and it being a road game made leaving him here a good idea.  I say move Le Toux up top and start Salinas at right midfielder, but maybe that’s just me.  The expectation is for Mapp to be on the left with Fred on the right, Miglioranzi in the middle, but with Jacobson taking Mwanga’s starting spot.  Then, I also want to see Brad Knighton as the first name listed.  He’s earned the start in the rest of the season’s games.

Colorado:  Conor Casey is one of my least favorite players in the Team USA player pool.  But MLS is far from the level of international play, so that’s why he’s actually effective.  His shaved-bald head bothers me too, for some reason.  I catch a break tonight as he has accumulated too many yellow cards and is suspended for tonight.  But, Omar Cummings is scary-good, but he’s questionable for the match.  Rapids need this match to maintain their playoff position, so I expect him to be in, and that’s bad for Union.  The guy they say will take Casey’s spot, Mac Kandji, seems like he might be difficult to deal with.

What do I expect:  I’m thinking this is a loss for Union.  They have played well since the defense has been sorted out, but Colorado has more to play for, and they have a solid defense, as well.  These teams played to a 1-1 draw in Philly, so this game being in Colorado, I have to think Rapids get 3 points out of this.  Although, from memory, the goal by Jeff Larentowicz was immediately after a poor punch clearance from Chris Seitz.  Maybe Seitz not being in this match will matter enough to gain another road result.

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