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Union vs. Chivas USA, Second Half Diary

46-Jacobson is in the game, for Mwanga. Probably good so that he gets to rest his shoulder and not take an unnecessary knock

47-Should Justin Mapp ever meet the Wizard of Oz, he’ll ask for better ability from his right foot. He gives it away because he was waiting to play the ball with his left, again

48-Dan K. keeps texting me stuff about Thornton’s weight. He’s making fun of him like Zach Galifinakis got made fun of by Mr. Chow in The Hangover.

49-Chivas made their 2nd sub. It doesn’t appear to matter yet

51-Union look competent and confident in defense. I’m not used to this

52-Mapp struck a cross with his right foot and it was harmless. So, he really isn’t holding out on us, his right foot does suck

53-This promises to be a boring half, with Union having a 2-goal lead. Then again, I don’t think I want to see Chivas give Union a reason to make it interesting

54-Chivas just made their last sub. And that’s the first time I heard Bornstein’s name. He crossed a ball beautifully, and the guy who came on 20 seconds before makes a poor first touch and give a goal kick on a really good goal chance

55-Williams gets forward and gets his head on a Fred cross, but the ball wasn’t forward enough and the shot goes for a goal kick

56-Union are pressing now. I like it. Le Toux gets a great run down the left off a 1-2 but his cross goes unanswered

57-Another chance, this time off of a Moreno cross. Thornton got a hand on it, and it was cleared. Maybe telepathically, Union heard me call the match boring. From my keyboard to their ears!

58-Sebastien, my co-ed team is playing at 6:35 tomorrow and we could use some goal scoring

58-What?!? It’s worth a shot

59-Chivas’ pushing forward is opening them up to all of these Union attacks. I think Union getting a 3rd g-11 oal is imminent.

61-Califf with a clear off of a rare Chivas build-up. *yawns*

61-Seba doesn’t stop, he plays at one speed, the whole game, regardless of the score. It’s great

61-The more I hear the name “Bornstein” associated with a Chivas chance, the better I feel about Union getting a clean sheet

63-Tommy just mentioned the Sons of Ben! Because some guy from Chivas shot about 100 feet wide and the SoB’s were chanting at him for it

66-Smyth compliments Knighton’s leg again, for his goal kick length. Sounds like a man-crush to me

68-A Chivas player got a yellow for continuing a frustration moment at Le Toux. Not smart. The river is right there. Fancy a swim???

69-GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!!!!!!!! Le Tooooooooooooux!!!!! Off the free kick that was stupidly given. It was deflected on the way in, but great strike, and well deserved

70-11 minutes ago, I noted that a 3rd goal was imminent. Hehehehe, I was right

72-Le Toux with another blast, but Thornton got behind that one. Good save by him.

75-Okugo on for Fred. Defensive move. And Fred gets a chance to receive his due adoration. And I like the move. All good things

77-Torres on for Mapp. Another move I like, just because it’s Roger

79-Apparently, according to Dan K., the River End is chanting the score in Spanish, tres a cero

81-Tommy just complimented the fan support for Union. I like this lots. Oh yeah, Knighton just cut off a cross, thwarted another chance. Ho hum

83-Smyth just noted Chivas have 1 shot on target thus far. Very nice

85-The River End are “ole”ing each completed Union pass. That’s pretty funny. A product of being in the unfamiliar position of being up by 3 goals. It’s a franchise first

86-Le Toux down after a tough challenge. Got bodied by a Chivas player late to the challenge

88-Jacobson is warned about a rough tackle. It gives Chivas a corner

89-Bicycle kick! Union cleared a Chivas chance with a bicycle kick. Awesomeness

89-Chivas get a shot, but Knighton is up to the task. Parries the save off to his right. Well done, but only the 2nd shot on target, according to Tommy Smyth

90-AND THAT’S THE MATCH!!! Roger Torres clears a chance with another bicycle-esque kick, and the referee blew the whistle.

Knighton earns his 2nd shutout. I think Chris Seitz is going to see lots of the bench for the rest of the season. Union really look like they’re coming together and having an idea of how they should play. They scored three goals off of set pieces, which is something they haven’t done much this season. Their goals came from the run of play, for the most part. Now, we’r eseeing a transition, to a team that is a threat every time they possess the ball in the offensive half. I can’t wait for this team to take shape in the 2011 season. A great victory for Union 3-0 over Chivas USA.


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