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Union vs. Chivas USA, First Half Running Diary

0-I like the lineup.  Williams is going to be a fixture at outside back.  Now, he needs to create goals, not just chances.  Harvey is fine, as long as he doesn’t get beat for a goal.  I don’t want him becoming the Union’s version of Jonathan Bornstein (who happens to be on Chivas USA).  I’m looking for Le Toux to net one today, Mwanga to put in another, and I’d like to see Mapp get on the scoresheet too.  And it would be nice if we could keep the Goats from putting one behind Knighton

0-The Commodore Barry Bridge looks majestic on this sunsplashed afternoon. Yes, I really just complimented a bridge, get over it. My colleague, Dan K., is in attendence and is allegedly in the River End. Hopefully he brought his singing voice with him.

0-We’re about ready to go, Union are in their blues, Chivas looks like a team of candy canes

1-Tommy Smyth! I love his commentary style.

2-This is going to be interesting. The feed I have of this game doesn’t show the clock so I’m going to be completely guessing.

2-Harvey passes to the advertising boards in screwing up a 1-2 play. Dumbass

3-Mwanga gets released and his touch betrays him over the end line. Ah, phooey

4-Chivas’ Espinoza took his eye off the ball and let it go over the sideline. Ha ha!

5-Chivas getting good offense going here. A cross thankfully wasn’t connected. Harvey did good 1-on-1 work to concede a corner. Corner was cleared easily. Not a great start for the home side

7-Union seem to not be able to get Chivas off the ball right now, kinda riding out the storm

7-Chivas’ Braun hit a shot that looked like he was auditioning to take David Akers’ kickoff responsibilities

9-I was led to believe that Chivas was a bad team. It’s not looking like that

10-We’re in one of those periods where Union need to move the ball a little faster

11-Nagamura for Chivas strikes one wide

12-Union get into the offense a little bit, but a bunch of sloppy play let Chivas regain the ball

14-Not sure if Union are confused, sloppy, or sluggish. Possibly some combination of the 3

15-……and this is why I love Tommy Smyth. He notes that Le Toux looks a bit lost out wide. REALLY?!?! Like I haven’t written about this before

16-(text message from Dan K.) Chant: Oh Philly U….you got what I need. We’ll love you to the end. Defend the River End.

16-That’s in the style of “Just a Friend” for those of you who couldn’t figure it out

17-Knighton makes a tremendous play in coming out outside of the 18-box to slide tackle a ball and clear it.

17-Le Toux with a cross that Moreno heads wide. Shame, great play by Seba

18-Minor confusion as Knighton had to use his feet to clear

18-Do Union have a optometrist sponsor? I think they need it, they keep passing to the guys in the other shirts

19……and on queue, Tommy mentions that Union are not recognizing the open player because they’re rushing things. I lampoon their eyesight, but Tommy and I are on the same page, and I like that.

20-Knighton with an easy save, thought there are some saves here that haven’t been “easy”

21-I think Califf and Orozco Fiscal pass the ball back and forth so that the television audience has time to get another beer. It’s as good a reason as any

23-Mapp earns a free kick that he created, but it gets cleared and immediately becomes a counter-attack. Thankfully, the shot went wide. Knighton still hasn’t had to do much

25-Migs earns a corner. Mapp to take it. Better than Le Toux

26-GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!!!!!!! Alejandro Moreno!!!!! Mapp with the assist of the corner. Textbook corner kick to header. And Tommy Smyth called the net the “onion bag.” I love it.

29-Union still applying pressure. Williams throw to Mwanga gets a nice header over the defender but it bounced to the keeper before Danny-boy could play it again

30-I just saw a play in the Alabama-Arkansas game where it looked like the receiver broke his leg but he just rolled an ankle. I thought it was worse. Sorry for the interruption

31-My online feed is now buffering. Aaaaaaah!

33-We’re back

34-Tommy just complimented Harvey’s defending. *snickering*

36-Moreno created a good chance but his nifty first touch is cleared for a throw

38-The River End is making fun of Zach Thornton’s weight. I’m sure he’s less than appreciative

39-Moreno’s on the ground again, what a surprise

39-But he did earn a free kick which Mapp turned into another good chance, but he just overshot the header

42-The game’s gotten a bit boring, other than Moreno taking an elbow to the head and Fred kicking some Chivas guy in the stomach while he was on the ground

44-Mapp gets a card for playing the high ball and kicking a Chivas player in the process. Oh well, it is but a flesh wound

45-That guy is still down. Just getting helped off the field now.

45-Knighton gets a save. Easy play though. That leads to a the outlet to Moreno who gets fouled by the guy that Fred gut-kicked, Trujillo, who gets a yellow for his troubles

45-GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!!!! Fred!!!!! Off of the rebound!!!!! Le Toux takes the free kick, low as always, and Moreno gets a deflection. Thornton is unable to catch the shot, and Fred was Johnny-on-the-spot, crushing the rebound into the back of the net. And that is the last play of the half.

Amazing first half from Union. They didn’t play well for large portions of this match, but have made their few opportunities really count. They’re showing much better poise in their finishing, as 2 beleaguered players, Alejandro Moreno and Fred, are the goal scorers. I’ve ripped them many times on this blog, but they have really showed well today. Good on them. More in the second half.

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