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The Reason to Keep Watching

I know it will be 10 days between Union matches.  And, I know it’s getting late in the MLS season, and Union don’t figure to be a part of the league’s playoffs.  The European leagues have all begun, so there is plenty of football on television to watch that is of higher quality than MLS.  So, why should people continue to view Union’s matches?

 Sebastien Le Toux

He is among the league leaders in goals and assists.  His energy and effort are worthy of a captain’s armband, and at the very least, the supporters’ adoration.  He and Danny Mwanga have formed a potent offensive partnership that will only get better with Danny’s maturation as a player and professional, as well as with more time on the pitch with Seba.  Plus, he gives the best unintelligible post-game interviews this side of Charlie Manuel, or Carlos Ruiz.

Team Youth

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but this team was built around young players so it’s going to take time.  The fair-weather fans will likely file this season away, especially since they can jump on the Phillies’ bandwagon.  I think this is going to be the best part of the season, as the squad improves every time it gets to play together.  The rest of this season promises to provide some of the best play of the season.  Playing the role of spoiler is something that bad teams do to take out their frustrations on contending teams that take the lesser team lightly.  Union will be on a mission to serve notice to the rest of MLS that they will be a playoff-caliber team in 2011.


Union are building a brand and a style of play, and those of us who watch have been there from the beginning.  Support of the team is not a fleeting interest; it is something that we are determined to see all the way through.  I’ve watched matches via streaming online feed when ABC conspired against us by putting matches on Live Well Network, and I know others have done the same.  We monitor the progress, and we root for victories, though we know they are not likely for them.  So, Saturday afternoon, we’ll continue watching our team in this odd lame-duck season because they’re sort of in the preseason for next year.  Yeah, that sounds good.  I think.  Or, you could just come to the conclusion that you’ve watched all or most of the other matches so you may as well watch this one, too.  Either way, enjoy. 

-Nick, the other .5 of Unholy Union

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