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Philadelphia Union at SJ Earthquakes 2nd half blog

Found out 77 is Giovanni.  SJ subs out Stevenson for Eduardo in Forward, they move Gio back to middy, lets hope that doesn’t help them.

46- Fred steals the ball with some passes in between, gets to a sprinting moreno who low crosses into the box to Migs… it would work, if it wasn’t behind Migs.
47- Giveaway into a chasedown between Jacobson and McDonald, Mickey gets a step ahead and clears for a throw in.
49- Union playing with themselves as they don’t know how to counteract SJ’s apparent second wind early in the 2nd.
49- Williams gets deep on the wing and crosses it nicely, but a step infront and the keeper grabs it.
50- SJ counterattacks and Convey crosses to Eduardo who is offside, but Knighton grabbed the ball before it got near him.
50- Eduardo on his ass looking for a call.  I don’t know what happened, and Eduardo doesn’t look like he does either.  Ref tells him to get up.
52- Mapp takes down Convey accidentally.  Free kick, no card… Convey’s down longer than he should be.  This isn’t the movies.
54- I don’t know who this team is, but this isn’t the same Union that played the first half.  Let’s hope we get back in the groove.
55- Convey clears the ball backwards for us as Convey and Migs accidentally hit eachother with their feet.  Free kick us.
57- Philadelphia Union defense is playing with themselves as Mig screwed up a clear, Gio keeps up the pressure as Califf tries to clear, ends up going out for a corner.  Union clear it out for another corner.  That corner gets headed out the goal line by Fiscal.  Another SJ corner.
58- Substitution – Moreno out for Salinas
58- Corner curves in and SJ (long name..fuck it) makes contact and tries to bounce the ball off the ground into the net, goes over.  We can breath again.
59- Wondolowski… yea… not typing that one again.
60- Le Toux’s shoes are again the focus as he takes a free kick.  Apparently Le toux was looking for the goal in the parking lot, high, wide, not in the stadium.
61- “Williams bangs one out”.  I don’t know why, but that phrasing should be used more often.  What’s with these announcers?
61- Mapp gets a warning from the ref for the shirt grab and the shove.  I say he’s done nothing wrong, i mean, he plays great.
62- Nowak looks frustrated in his box with his earpiece.
62- Convey again on the attack, gets tapped out to another SJ player, played back and crossed into the box.  Knighton punches it out… but SJ take control of the ball again.
64- PU playing like shit while playing it back to the back line… looks almost like the Califf elbow play.  Instead they slow down infront of the player so the back line can get the ball.
64- Salinas down the wing, gets it to fred outside and center of the box, but shot goes high.
65- Salinas makes a break down the wing and gets tripped up by Ward… Free kick.  Should have been a call for such a late behind the player challenge.
66- Mapp takes the free kick into the box, gets cleared back out to PU player who takes the long shot into the crowd, deflected out for a corner.
67- Corner amounts to nothing.
67- Fiscal called offsides.  Gotta love when defenders are called offsided.
68- “Leave the scoring to the big boys” as the announcers said in reference to Fiscal… Leave the crappy announcing to Joe Buck…please…
68- Play goes to convey down the side who crosses but goes wide of everyone.  SJ picks up the ball opposite side.  Crosses to Wondolowski (mother fucker) and he heads it into the far goal post…

SJ 1 – PU 0…. CRAP

70- Le Toux offsides… shit.  Let’s get our act together now.  All we are asking is give us a goal…
70- Williams down the wing jumps over a defender, picks the ball back up and crosses into the box but misses Le Toux, goes to the goalie.  Do that again, only make contact to finish.
71- “Keep stomping on the throat”… ok, i know you’re biased being on SJ broadcast, but some unbiased journalism is beneficial…
72- Substitution – Fred out for Mwanga.  Let’s see this pick up.  Put Union Jack in and make it a 3 headed dragon.
72- SJ offside.  I’ll take it.
72- SJ fan section needs to put their shirts back on.
73- Giovanni down after a slide…don’t see the foul (no foul btw).  I’ll give him a 6.75 on the landing.  Looks like he twisted his ankle.
74- Substitution – Mapp out for McInerny… so… i called it, but i like the M&M connection.
75- Announcers brought up the rule with tenders not being able to pick up the ball if the last touch was by their own players… no refs pay attention to that rule anyway, so what’s it matter.  If the goalie plays it with his feet, he’s an idiot.
76- Offsides flag on SJ again on their counterattack.  Oy.
77- Offsides on us, didn’t matter, was gonna be a goal kick anyway.  Ends up being a goal kick anyway, guess it wasn’t offsides.
79- Le Toux plays some beautiful luck and skill as it goes off some defenders and bounces back his way. Plays the ball into the box and instead of shooting tries to put it to Fred in front, but too far in and goes to Busch.
79- Offsides call once again.  SJ free kick.
83- Ball played into the box to Le Toux beautifully, Busch beat him to the ball and Le Toux had to hurdle.  Ball cleared out for a corner.
83- Williams attempt at cross hits Eduardo and another corner for Union.
84- Le Toux takes the 6th corner, which is a low cross and kneed? out for another corner.
84- Corner cleared, once again we sigh.
84- Union deep pass it from our end, gets played out the sideline.  Throw in for us.
85- Ref stops Williams in the middle of his throw to talk to Fiscal and someone.  I guess they’re making friends.
85- We are not United you idiotic announcers.
85- Ref stops Williams throw again for whatever reason.
85- LOOOONG throw from Williams goes in the box, played out and we pick up another corner.
86- Le Toux’s corner is high for once, but gets headed out by Union player, goal kick.
87- Another SJ counterattack finds Convey down the wing and makes a cross to an open sprinting player who gets a touch on the ball but only deflects it out for a goal kick.
88- Williams grabs Geovanni (spelling correction) by the shoulder. Great grab, but free kick right outside the center of the box.  No card???  Announcers don’t even see a card, they thought it was.  I think so too.  Philadelphia Union are from Chester, they can get away with murder.
89- Geovanni’s kick is dead on but Knighton one hand saves it out for a corner.
90- Yellow card to Geovanni for wasting time.
90- Harvey long ball crosses into the box but gets played out for a throw in.
90- Where was this hustle earlier???
90- 3 minutes stoppage time.  While i noticed that, our attack rolled out of the goal line for a goal kick.
90- Cross into the box but Busch punches it out.  We still have the ball with our hustle.
90- Williams collides into a defender on the edge of the 18, defender gets an Emmy.
90- Busch takes forever for his goal kick and sends it out of bounds… ball spotted on the 40… wait..
90- Williams with another throw in, possibly last play.
90- Alvarez (SJ) knocks down our guys as we battle next to the goal line.  Gets a Yellow for the effort.
90- Le Toux with a low cross…misses harvey, hits Salinas who sends it into the middle and is deflected…Busch finds the ball somehow before it enters the net.  What bullshit.

And there’s the whistle.

Actually… there should have been a PK.  Harvey was too far up onto the ball so he makes a jump so it goes back to Salinas…as a slide tackle comes in and flips him, in front of the Official.  How was that not called!?

Ugh.  Notes- 1st half I feel we played beautifully and we definitely should have had a goal with our intent.  The downfall was when the 2nd half started.  SJ had all the energy and it looked like we were chasing the game.  Naturally, as we end up down a goal, all our energy kicks in around the 85th minute and we practically have all the control and attacks but we just…can’t…finish…  I don’t even feel like analyzing that half until after I sleep, I just don’t know what to think of it.

Our next game will be at home against Chivas USA on the 25th… Nowak better flog them mercilessly after that.

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