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Union vs San Jose Earthquakes 1st half Blog

Dan K

To keep up tradition, we’re going to be live commenting the game tonight.  Unfourtanately, in my view at least, it’s on the west coast so it’s a 10pm game… highly annoying for those who have been awake for 15 hours today already while working a seemingly unending annoying job this week.  Because of this week, it’s unsure if Nick will be able to watch and blog the game, or even watch the game for that matter.  Sure he’ll pass out by around 1030 or so, so you have to deal with me.  I can’t say i’m going to be as witty as he is at moments, but I’ll try my best.

The game is on Livewell HD, Abc’s HD sister channel that only about 5% of the Union fan populace gets outside of bars.  What that means is i’ll be streaming it on my computer.  Woo tv pirating.

Union starting XI for tonight’s match vs San Jose — Brad Knighton; Sheanon Williams, Michael Orozco Fiscal, Danny Califf, Jordan Harvey; Justin Mapp, Stefani Miglioranzi, Andrew Jacobson, Fred; Sebastien Le Toux, Alejandro Moreno

Looks as if we’re playing a 4/4/2 with Moreno up front, but as history has shown, it’s more of a mix and mash give and go style, just a formality of positions.  Two interesting points to make out, Knighton is getting the start after his clean sheet.  Looks as if Nowak (just as everyone else) was impressed by his cleansheet performance on Saturday night.  As long as he doesn’t go running outside the box again, i’m going to be happy.  Not too sure how Seitz is taking being put to the side and if this choice is momentary, but i’m not going to complain.  The other is that Sheanon Williams is getting another start.  Yet again, highly impressive and we can see if the defense performed last week wasn’t just a fluke of nature, much like his throwing skills.

I will be updating this specific blog as the game goes on.  Hopefully i’ll be as up to date as can be, mostly cause i hope the game is exciting enough i can’t be.  So stay tuned, and also stream the game (or watch it).

0-  I’m mildly distracted by mafia wars at the moment…seriously, it’s a bitch and a half and i have nothing better to do.  Feeds aren’t up yet.
0- Would like to note that I also have no cats (right now) so not sure of any good luck charms during the game, unless beer magically appears.
0- Feed isn’t up yet, but the simultaneous CONCACAF game feed is on….
0- Phew- feed is up finally.  Let’s get this game going. (During intros camera is off, but audio feed is still on.. ? )
1- And we’re off… listening to San jose channel.  They called our uniforms a “mustard look”.  And we’re assholes?
1- “Not the first time Moreno will hit the deck tonight.”  ’nuff said.
3- San jose with a counterattack that falls into playing keep the ball in the air, Williams heads it back to Knighton and clears it.
4- 3 or 4 attempts into San Jose territory all fall short nowhere near the box.
5- Once again stuck in the middle and nothing comes of it.  Crossed to Le Toux and he barely heads it, falls into the keepers hands. Not a shot.
6- Shot attempt by Stevenson, wide and weak, Knighton picks it up.
6- Knighton’s clear goes far and Moreno chases it out. towards the goal line.  Goal kick.
7- Moreno falls down to a knee on a weak shoulder challenge, gets a call.  Free kick goes into the keeper’s hands.
8- Close call.  Take and give turns into an attack inside the box, the ball gets deflected but an Earthquake was there.  He passes it to Convy and the Union swarm and the shot deflects wide. Corner turns into nothing.
9- Ball fed to Le Toux and it goes by, but not before off the defender. Corner kick.
10- Le Toux gives a low cross, pops up in the air and grabbed by the keeper.
10- If you haven’t noticed by now, i dont’ give a shit about the other team’s names.
11- Announcers are praising the early start time… early? *looks out window at darkness*
12- Williams long throw goes in box, but cleared.  Fred gets the ball back, feeds to Mapp, then Williams, cross gets cleared. Corner.
12- Cross cleared out to Mapp on the left side, crosses into the box but gets cleared.
13- Number 77 on SJ had to retie his cleats.  Attempt at tying them together failed.
15- Noticed the stands, Philadelphia attendance puts SJ to shame.
17- Most attacks are shutting down half way through the opponent’s half and just trickling out of bounds.
17- Le Toux tries to work around the side of the box, goes off a defender.  Another corner.
17- Short corner fails as always and goes out for a goal line.
18- SJ announcers giving a Philadelphia history lesson “people might not know”.  No ish.
18- SJ attack, Giovanni with a long shot goes wide right.
19- Mapp gets the ball back in SJ territory, ball passes back to Le Toux and finds Fred, Fred takes note of Giovanni and takes a long shot.  Wide and high.
19- Ball fed to Mapp who makes a break down the left wing, cross tries to find a sprinting Le Toux into the box, gets stoned and passed out.  Almost had a chance, but SJ went for the counterattack.
19- Yellow- Jacobson pulls down Giovanni.  Good call (on Jacobson’s part).  Waist grabbed him too.
21- They keep mentioning Le Toux’s “pink” shoes… enough already.
21- Fans are singing “Saints come marching in” ?
22- Jacobson feeds a long ball to Le Toux, Le Toux keeps in play, low cross deflected to moreno who plays out to Migs and he drills it… Bush stones and makes a good save.  Corner.
23- Corner finds nothing.
24- SJ free kick by the endline gets weakly cleared giving SJ a chance, ball played into the box and trickles out for a goal kick.
26- Williams gets pushed down on the attack, ref says play on, he returns the favor and ref still says play on. SJ on the attack.
27- Cross into the box by SJ, weakly goes outside the box, SJ gets it and plays into the middle and takes a shot.  Knighton blocks but bobbles the low ball, noone was there. Thank god.
31- P.U. steal turns into an attack down the wing and a cross into the box, arching clear by SJ which turns into a header battle…Convey draws the foul. SJ ball.
33- Moreno picks up a pass in midfield and passes it to a sprinting Harvey down the wing, and makes a cross/shot?  Goes high over the goal.  Goal kick.
34- Number 77 shoulder tackles Williams… they didn’t show a graphic so i dont know if there’s a card. Free kick Union.
35- Le Toux cross falls right at Califf’s feet, pops up to Fred who tries to play the ball but hits a defender’s foot.  Bush grabs out of air.
36- Mapp to Moreno on a give and go back to Mapp, Mapp crosses to the near post but noone’s ANYWHERE.  Bush basket catches it. SJ ball again.
37- Mapp low crosses behind fred, played back to Migs who lets it go to Jacobson outside the box who once DRILLS the ball low, Bush stones the save, but didn’t catch it.  Noone near for a rebound.
40- Jacobson runs into the back of Giovanni again, no foul but free kick. Boy needs to watch it with that card.
41- Moreno to Le Toux, some outside play and passes to Moreno and another drilled shot, this time from the corner of the box…and once again, Bush stones it.  Where’s the pot.
41- Not really a counter but SJ takes the ball down fast and takes a shot for a throw in.  Ball played mid field and shot deep.  Knighton makes the save but the ball gets far from him.  SJ player runs for the rebound and takes a shot that is scary but he was called offsides.  Knighton still made that save.  Needs to catch the ball though on those dives.
43- Some actual midfield play b SJ who tries to make a breakaway attack, but Giovanni is offsides.
44- Mapp plays the ball midfield and plays out to Fred on the wing.  Cross goes to SJ heads and cleared.
45- Fiscal knocks over a player with a polish name, free kick diagonal outside the box.  Kick goes direct at Knighton who almost fails to catch the ball but no SJ players made a run through and he pounces on it.

Apparently no stoppage time..or very little of it.  SJ looks like they are only good with counter attacks, settling the ball with their defensive players and crossing it to breaking players, often times many of them not making the break.  I feel we’re doing well with ball control and playing down the field, since we had the much better shots on goal.  I think what we need to do overall is shoot for the corners and not try to shoot low and near the goalie.

Still nil nil.  Time for a smoke and my ADD to take hold.

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