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Wednesday Match – @ San Jose Earthquakes

We must apologize for the delay in our postings about the previous match and such.  Work load gets busy this time of the month, and it just caught up to us (we started this blog while there was downtime).  Well, we’re back (sort of).

The next game is on Wednesday, 10 PM EST (for the love of god) against the

Shake shake shake senora

Last time we met we were home and they shook us up, well, shook Harvey up in the back field which allowed them the game winning goal to bring us our first defeat in PPL Park.

Some things to look forward to

After the extraordinary and clean sheet performance on Saturday night by Knighton, there may be a change up to see if he can repeat his performance.  He is still considered the back up tender and was probably only in the game to give Seitz some time off, maybe he had the sniffles again, but that performance was spectacular sans early on when he chased the ball out of the box.  As long as he doesn’t think he’s playing for the Eagles, I think this is the best choice for keeper, but we’re probably going to see what Seitz can do.  Considering Knighton did in 2 regular season games what Seitz couldn’t do in the entire season thus far, and that’s give us a clean sheet.

When did we get a defense?  Williams, the young upstart from Harrisburg showed tons of promise.  His addition to the team pushed Fiscal into center which is a better defensive pairing with Califf, and created an ability for us to… PLAY DEFENSE!  It was impressive none the less.  I’d hope to see this kid in the game again so we can start to build some defensive confidence.  Not only that, he always went on the break on the wings, even though his crosses weren’t up to par, but his throwing ability makes up for all of that. 
Califf, not captain material, didn’t look like he was confused throughout the game, which I often feel he is as of late.  Maybe this defensive changes and build of confidence will carry over.  A win is always great, especially a clean sheet.  Hopefully Califf will use his leadership and carry that morale momentum into Wednesday.

Shea Salinas:
He’s back.  That’s all that can be said.  His presence has been sorely missed.  We need his speed and ability with a midfield that still contains Turtle Moreno.  His appearance late in the game Saturday showed that he’s back for the last of the season, and you could tell by the noise of  crowd on Saturday how much of an impact he can bring to the team.

His x-rays have come back negative, so all he needs now is to get the clearing.  The problem: today’s the travel day.  Can he get the clearing and leave for the airport (or greyhound) before the team leaves?  We’ll see.  Not having him in the lineup might bring a little difficulty into playing San Jose… but then again, not having him will just allow Nowak to do his weird magical lineup changes that he likes, and who knows what that will bring.


Noone knows what to do with him… so tell him to stop falling.  He’ll never get a call.  Never.

Overall, i think the Union, like always, will have great ball possession and control. It will be interesting to see how the confidence and morale boost of a clean sheet will effect how they play.  I feel it will be a decent match to watch, as long as you’re awake for it… stupid west coast games.

– Dan K

  1. PizzaBagel
    September 13, 2010 at 12:03 PM

    What, no bashing of the Earthquakes? Like how self-depricating it is for a California team to be named the Earthquakes. What’s next? The Philadelphia Corrupt Politicians?

    • djkw418
      September 13, 2010 at 12:27 PM

      I would have, but time is short right now… at least if you look at the picture there’s a little joke.

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