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Union vs. Chicago Fire, Second Half Diary + Post-game Reaction

-Nick, the other .5 of Unholy Union

Here is the second half diary.

46-Any subs?
46-Chicago brought on Carr for Husidic.  Whatever
47-Williams looks very comfortable in this backline.  I like this lots
49-Harvey defends Ljungberg out for a corner, played in but results in a Chi offside
50-Nery Castillo had the opportunity to internationally represent Uruguay, Mexico, or Greece.  How does THAT work???
51-Mwanga can’t find a shot or a pass in consecutive chances.  He looked dizzy or something.  Not good at all.  Jack Mac???
54-My cats just came to say hello to me.  This was a good sign last week
55-AND THEN Nowak takes Mwanga out for Fred.  I said Mwanga didn’t look well so maybe I was onto something, or maybe this is a really bad sign
56-Mapp wastes a great breakout but earns a corner, which he wastes when he gets his corner deflected for a corner
58-Union’s backline has played really well
58-Chi’s Collins John is being pulled out.  I like this.
59-Le Toux didn’t read a run as a ball was chipped to him into the box and it goes straight to keeper.  Nice build, at least
60-Jacobson shown yellow.  Eh, whatever
60-Mwanga was reported to go off with ice on the shoulder that he landed on earlier.  Not good.  Stay tuned in the coming days
61-Le Toux called for an offside wrongly, and the refs incur the wrath of Chester, PA
63-After this last defensive clearance, I’m convinced that Orozco Fiscal is a central defender.  Very good play and read to create a counter-attack chance
64-Stop me if you’ve heard this before:  Union are attacking like the team DOWN 1-0 instead of ahead by a goal
65-W T F IS KNIGHTON DOING!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
65-Wow!  Was Knighton lucky to get away with that
66-The corner induced no shot but a free kick which ended up harmless.  Whew!!!
67-A Chi onslaught cleared twice by Califf.  Only because the first was bad
68-The Union counter was a poor touch collected by Fire keeper on a pop-up
69-Chi earns another corner
70-Moreno out for SHEA SALINAS!!!  YAY!!!  SOME ACTUAL SPEED!!!
71-Salinas is immediately dangerous, as he leads a breakout and serves a cross that is cleared for a throw
71-Harvey still hasn’t learned that crosses don’t matter when your teammates don’t run into the box
72-Another Union weak shot
73-Knighton with a good read.  Seitz is not happy
76-A Chi header goes over the bar.  It was a cross to a re-cross and it should have been a goal.  Whew!
77-Migs makes the right pass, but too hard, and it goes right to keeper.  Drat!
77-Nakazawa is coming on for Mapp.  I’m not sure I like this, unless we intend to get a bunch of set-peices the rest of this game
78-Le Toux with a break on goal, mis-hits the shot and it goes a little wide
80-Union are knocking it around, playing keep-away.  I don’t approve
82-Union are basically playing goalline defense, with all 11 men in the same line
83-FSC commentators talking about the merits behind Nakazawa coming in.  I still don’t see it
85-Holy Schnikes.  A missed opportunity on Union’s end leads to a counter-attack until a Chi pass hits the forward in the heels
86-FSC’s play-by-play guy overuses the phrase “big switch.”  I think there’s something perverted about this.
87-Nery Castillo just came out for some named Corbin BONE!!!  I’M NOT MAKING THIS UP!!!
88-Le Toux took another shot, blocked and saved innocently
89-Knighton saves a shot from a good distance.  Even thought it was far away, I was still worried
89-Union concede a corner.  Yikes
90-Salinas speed gets the ball cleared.  Wow.  He even created an offensive chance
90+-Salinas still looks dangerous.  Welcome back, Shea!!!
90+-Fire showing no inclination to get forward

Obviously, the most notable aspect of this match is that it is the first in franchise history where Union didn’t concede a goal.  Sebastien Le Toux’s deft finish stands as the match’s lone goal, and now may have struck the death nail into Chicago’s playoff chance’s coffin.  Michael Orozco Fiscal is a central defender, not an outside defender.  If Sheannon Williams isn’t the new right back, then Union need to find one because Califf and O.F. work well together.  From that base, Harvey and Miglioranzi were more effective, and that allowed Union to be threatening all match.  These are the keys that they need to build on for next season.

Post-game:  I still understand only half of what Sebastien Le Toux says.  AND he corrected the FSC sideline reporter for what their next match was.  UNREAL!!!  So funny.  Dumb sideline reporter chick…

I’m embrasing Union’s role as spoiler.  They are going to be a tough team to beat for any team down the stretch.  The FSC color commentator properly points out that Union needed to look for a 2nd goal, and that Chicago was playing their 3rd game in 8 days so they weren’t really fresh enough to make Union pay for it.  A side note:  Union have 2 guys whose first names begin with “Shea”.

Next match is Wednesday night at 10pm vs. San Jose, in San Jose, CA.

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