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Union vs. Kansas City Wizards, Second Half Diary

Back with the second half diary. Union lead 1-0 on a goal from Sebastien Le Toux, his 10th, on an assist from Danny Mwanga (hand him rookie of the year NOW!). The highlight of the halftime break was during a commercial, one of the commentators mentioned that he can’t get cell phone reception so he can’t get Twitter updates.

46-KC immediately gets a chance and Orozco Fiscal bails out Seitz
46-That happened so fast I couldn’t even type that Roger Torres came on for Andrew Jacobson at half
47-Goal kick from KC was headed forward but then headed by Califf back to Seitz. I feel good about how they’ve settled down after getting ambushed at the 2nd half whistle
48-Foul on Union right outside the box
49-A good free kick but it went way wide. Seitz hasn’t really had much to do yet. I wouldn’t mind keeping it that way
50-So, there ARE American-born floppers. Jimmy Conrad falls needlessly under a little bit of Mwanga pressure
51-HOLY S***!!! Gonzalez has a mouse on his forehead! It’s the size of a ping pong ball! He’s not long for this game. I’d be amazed if there’s no sub (From Dan K.-Gonzalez looks like he has a devil horn growing out of his head)
52-Okugo is a real field general. I like him lots
53-Mapp gets a goal stolen from him by Neilson. Mwanga almost had his 2nd assist of the day. Wow!
54-A huge scramble leads to about 3 shot attempts but ultimately Torres puts his shot over the bar. (From Dan K.-Corner turned into a game of keepaway)
55-Union playing like the team down a goal
55-However, KC creates a chance, and a confused shot-or-cross play from Smith goes wide of goal, and Seitz again didn’t have to do anything
59-Torres ends a nice build with a deft chip pass, but Neilson came off his line to catch it
59-This Ryan Smith guy is a pain in the ass.
60-That Smith guy created a free kick, and Seitz layed out to his left to make the save
61-A fantastic deep pass gets Le Toux behind the D, but in controlling the ball, Conrad catches up to him and the ball goes harmlessly to the keeper Neilson
62-Josh Wolff, another Team USA castoff, is coming on for a guy I didn’t even know was in the game. Hmmm
64-After a multi-pass build, a Torres pass to Mwanga was intercepted by Shavar Thomas. Maybe he’s not all bad
65-The immediate counter resulted in another backpost cross caught by Seitz
65-Yellow card to Roger Espinoza. He tripped Le Toux accidentally, but it was a good play because Le Toux would have been in on the wing. (From Dan K.-He was as innocent of the foul as OJ was innocent of 2 murders)
66-Mapp’s free kick finds Seba’s head but is deflected out for a corner, which Torres wastes
68-Mapp is trying to show he can combine with players other than Union Jack
69-A corner for KC results in a Smith shot that goes just over the crossbar. He’s getting REALLY annoying now
71-Goal KC. Arnaud. F***!!!! Goes right over Seitz’ head. He got caught in no-man’s land on the free kick set-up
72-Orozco Fiscal gets a yellow for persistent fouls on Smith
72-Any coincidence that right after that goal, Green Day’s American Idiot came on my video game’s screensaver? I think not.
74-Union Jack!!!! We don’t need no stinking TIES!!!
75-And the commentators have to mention that Union have held Celtic and Chivas Guadalajara without a goal, but no MLS teams. Thanks
76-KC is now playing to Ryan Smith, who is on the left wing. At least they are not attacking Harvey anymore
77-Seitz with an awesome save on Bunbury, gives up a corner, though
78-The corner ends up being harmless. The crowd is announced at over 17,000. Nice
78-Mwanga gets a weak shot off in the counter attack. KC is definitely the better side right now
79-Union concede their 6th corner. This can’t continue
80-Union are just chasing the game right now, they can’t switch the momentum
81-I haven’t heard Jack McInerney’s name since he was introduced. Not good
82-A brief good build by Union is ended with a bad Okugo pass
83-Moreno in for Mapp. Are you KIDDING ME!?!?!?!?!?!? (From Dan K.-Oh no……)
84-I’d rather have Lady Gaga’s Alejandro than Alejandro Moreno
85-KC looks like the team that wants the win
86-They keep forcing corners, and it’s getting annoying. Union keep deflecting balls out over their endline. Finally, Union get the ball back
87-“Moreno, slows things down” This guy has no idea how right he is
88-Union’s attack has been castrated for most of this half. I really have to give credit to the Wizards for this.
90-Gonzalez and his head-bloodclot have played very well even in the 2nd half
92-Bunbury gets a shot off, but it was relatively harmless. Yikes!
93-Looks like a draw
AND it is a draw, 1-1.

KC really played the much better soccer in the 2nd half. It happened mostly because of the goal. It was almost as if that goal was what switched the light on for the Wizards, and let them believe that they could be the side applying the pressure. Before KC equalized the score, I would have thought someone crazy if they told me that KC would be the better side. Union played extremely well up to that point. They played fast, organized, and creative. Their attacks were varied and constant. When they no longer had the advantage in score, my metaphor that they had been castrated seemed spot-on. I won’t often say this, but this was a good tie for Union. They were quite lucky not to give up another goal. Granted, the goal they gave up should not have happened, but that’s irrelevent to the rest of the game. It is possible that if Seitz plays that ball correctly that Union go on to earn their first clean sheet of the MLS season, or maybe the draw was inevitable. In hindsight, they did well to keep the 1 point. Their next match is a week from today, against Chicago Fire, matchtime is 6:00pm.

-Nick, the other .5 of Unholy Union.

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