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Union vs. Kansas City Wizards, First Half Diary

Nick, the other .5 of Unholy Union

Today, Union take on the Kansas City Wizards. This will be interesting because I will be watching this on my laptop instead of my television (stupid college football). I’m not sure whose feed they will pick up, be it KC’s tv or 6abc’s tv, or some dude with a good camera. Either way, hopefully, this will be.

0-This is the KC feed, which is awesome streaming because you don’t get the commercials and I hear what these nutbags are saying during the commercial break. Far more entertaining than another Geico ad.
0-I like that they are starting Okugo, Mapp, and Jacobson with Miglioranzi at midfield
1-Orozco Fiscal forgot the “go” part of the give-and-go
1-KC plays a 4-3-3. Should be interesting to see how this plays through the midfield
4-A little confusion between the centerbacks and Seitz has to come in between and clear.
5-Shavar Thomas passes to…Peter Nowak…on the Philly bench. Ha ha.
6-Pressure from KC, then a bad clear from Philly leads to a free kick. KC does some trickeration with playing the free kick off to the side of the wall as a through-ball, and Philly forces a corner. The corner is cleared then KC goes off-side. Whew.
8-The pitch seems a bit slanted right now
9-KC’s Arnaud takes a deep shot but Seitz bats it straight to the ground then into his hands
10-Migs seems slow. Not good this early
10-Okugo steps up and creates a 1-2 play and a dangerous cross that misses Le Toux but not by much. Wonderful stuff
11-KC’s Ryan Smith is a really nice player. Speed and creativity. I don’t like that combo from an opponent
12-Shavar Thomas again passes to nobody. How is this guy a starter? We had it right with that guy
14-Gonzalez cuts out a great pass by KC to start the counter. Mwanga over-dribbles and wastes the chance
15-Mapp was started on the right wing, but has been switched to the left. I wonder what took them so long
17-Mwanga gives it a go from distance, but off-target. It’s ok, it poses the threat
18-Great pass by Mwanga between 2 defenders but was unable to get to Jacobson cutting. Great creativity
19-Justin Mapp pretty much even PASSES only with his left.
20-Mapp breaks the offside trap but doesn’t control it. See? He belongs only on the left. I didn’t even hear his name when he was on the right.
22-KC creates 2 chances. Maybe they want to win too. Hmm, strange concept
24-Mwanga earns a free kick that Le Toux takes. Nice bend, but easy save
25-The counter leads to a dangerous cross that Cap’n Califf pops up in the air and Seitz catches easily
26-Still not sure that I like Le Toux’s purple cleats
26-Migs takes a layoff pass from Harvey and rifles one that takes a deflection and hits the post and stays out. WOW!
27-The resultant corner went over everyone. Blah.
28-Another KC turnover leads to a creative build from Union and Mwanga’s poor touch leads to a Le Toux shot that is saved and out for a corner
28-Corner wasted
29-Just found out from the commentators that KC plays in Kansas, and not Missouri
31-KC gets a great build and Smith blows it with a bad cross that Seitz catches easily
32-Mapp takes a free kick. It ended up being harmless, but I like the choice
34-GOOOOOOOAL LE TOOOOOOUX!!! Mapp springs Mwanga down the left and he passes deftly to Le Toux who finished right through the heart of the goal
36-Corner kick for KC. Great pass to….Shavar Thomas, who puts his header straight into the ground and its and easy save for Seitz. I feel so good every time I hear Shavar’s name. It’ll either be a turnover or a weak shot. Either way, advantage Union
37-An awful clearance by Migs leads to an almost-goal. No more of those, please
39-Good clearance leads to Seba racing the KC keeper Neilson for the ball, played out for a Union throw
40-Okugo challenges for a ball, wins it, and kicks Diop right in the stomach, and wasn’t penalized for it. Ha ha
41-While they wait for Diop to get up, let me tell you that Philly is beating the KC back line on passes like the Sons of Ben beat that bass drum
42-Harvey got beat by Harrington, but Jordan threw his elbow into him and got position and won the ball. He he he hockey-style defense
44-Le Toux and Mwanga combine again for a great chance but is blocked by Jimmy Conrad. Drat!
45-KC attacks repeatedly the right wing. Shades of watching Jonathan Bornstein. I just got sick to my stomach
AND we have half time

Union have looked dangerous in attack, and the center backs have held up really well. The midfield is playing much faster than in previous games. KC is constantly using their right wing to initiate their attacks, so Jordan Harvey is going to either really earn his pay this week, or be responsible for Union conceding a goal. Overall, I think this is looking like a Union win, but KC has great speed up top with Smith and Teal Bunbury. And I’m listening to the KC announcers talk in the booth about what they are going to present when they come back on the air. It’s actually really annoying and nowhere NEAR as funny as I thought it was going to be. Oh well, more from the second half, plus a full game summary afterwards.

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