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Preview: Union vs Kansas City Wizards

Match info:  Saturday, September 4, 3:30pm, PPL Park in Chester, PA, televised on 6abc, expected to be sunny and 76 degrees at kickoff, and we will have a Waning Crescent Moon.

Union are coming off back-to-back victories, in league play against New England, and in a friendly against CD Guadalajara.   But, the first matchup between these two teams yielded a 2-0 defeat of Union, at KC’s relative bandbox of a pitch.  Both of those goals were scored in the first half, so the Wizards basically beat Union up in the first half, then toyed with them in the second half.  So, what will be different this time around?

Union are playing better than they were earlier in the season.  The first matchup was on June 10, almost 3 months ago, and Union have made acquisitions since then, as well (Coudet, Gonzalez).  The REALLY important factor is this:

KC is starting, STARTING, Union cast-off Shavar Thomas.  HE STARTS FOR THEM!!!

I didn’t type that wrong.  The guy who couldn’t beat out anybody in a back line that hasn’t registered a shutout yet this season is actually starting for KC.  By my math, I expect Union to score 3 goals.  If KC digs up David Myrie somewhere and puts him in the starting XI, I’ll say Union score 5.  Thomas, allegedly, has played well since joining Wizards, but I’d like to see this for myself.  He stunk here, so I expect him to be seeing the back of Mwanga’s or McInerney’s jerseys and having a really good view of the ball going into the net behind his keeper.

Back to how I hedged my prediction last match, it depends on who Peter Nowak starts.  If the younger players are in there (read, if Moreno rests his hamstring again) then Union have a great chance to repeat what they did last week to Revolution.  I’d like to see a Union player achieve the franchise’s second ever hat trick.  I’d also like to see Chris Seitz do to KC what Brad Knighton did to Chivas, which is not allow a goal.  However, I do not see this as the week that that ignominious streak comes to an end.  I think this match has 3-2 written all over it.  As long as Union are ahead when the referee blows the final whistle, I’ll be okay with the score.

Another key to this match will be if Nowak decides to use more of the Mapp-McInerney combination to enhance what Union already have with the Le Toux-Mwanga partnership.  I’d like to see all 4 in the starting lineup to see what they can create when the defense can’t key on Seba and Danny can make holding plays as a target forward because Union Jack cuts through defenses like Norman Bates.  And we need more Roger Torres in our lives, so Peter, if you’re reading, please put him out there from the beginning, and let the fun begin.

-Nick, the other .5 of Unholy Union

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