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Revolution-Union, Aug 28, 2010, Second Half

After some Rock Band:Green Day at half time, I’m ready for more blogging.
Jesus of Suburbia is too long a song for half time. I missed 5 minutes. Sorry. But I see Roger Torres is in, and that’s a great thing.
51-Nice build, but a deflection on the shot by Naka leaves people offsides for the rebound. Ugh.
52-At least they seem to have shape this half, not bunched up on a wing.
53-Apparently Joseph got Le Toux in the face with his hand. More proof that he’s the man and any Union player are the boys, no foul was called.
56-Meaningless Union possession followed by more meaningless Union possession. Thus is the story of a 11-10 matchup.
59-Miglioranzi wastes a nice buildup with a s***ty pass into 2 defenders.
60-Nyassi volleyed a shot directly off of a throw-in. Nice play, though well over the crossbar
64-Le Toux off of a great pass by Orozco Fiscal ends with a shot saved out for a corner. The resultant corner results in a headed shot that bounced once and went harmlessly over the net.
65-Mapp finally in for Nakazawa. Hopefully it matters.
66-Jacobson wastes an shot. Mapp keeps a ball from going over the endline and puts his pass into a great place and young andrew decided to audition for the Patriots field goal kicker position.
68-Great pass by Torres to Le Toux, but a bad first touch let NE give a corner. The corner was no threat.
71-Miglioranzi shoots high and well over the net, but again a nice build. Then again, they SHOULD be getting chances when they have an extra player.
72-NE corner. Union show they still don’t clear these things very well, but there were no Revs around to make them pay. Ends with a goal kick.
75-Jesus makes a save (I wish Union were busier with shots so I could have played off of his name more)
76-Union Jack is up with the 4th official. Yay!
77-McInerney on for Miglioranzi. I LOVE the move.
78-A shot off of Smith’s right foot goes over Seitz. No threat really but nice work nonetheless.
79-Le Toux from Orozco Fiscal a shot that goes high. Another nice build. Where the hell is Danny Mwanga??? (He’s on the field, he’s just so uninvolved in this game that I wonder where he is. He’s not a “missing person” or anything)
81-Torres a lofted pass to Union Jack for a creative touch but it was too difficult. Jesus saves easily.
81-UNION JACK!!!!!! From Justin Mapp! 1-1!
83-Nowak gives instruction and looks like he’s conducting a symphony.
84-Yellow shown to Harvey for dangerous play while on the ground. Eh, whatever.
85-Bad header by Gonzalez. Put one out of play for no reason.
87-Jesus saves again. Bad pass really, but I like typing Jesus saves
87-Perovic tries for a lucky bounce again. Union concede a corner instead
88-Joseph gets his head on the corner but puts it wide. Whew!
89-Le Toux crosses awesomely, but Torres’ shot get deflected as he waited a hair too long. The corner was non-threatening.
90-I really have to go to the bathroom, but my dedication is unwavering.
90-NE free kick about 25 yards out. Uh oh.
91-The wall blocked Perovic’s attempt.
91-NE corner. Yikes!
92-MAPP!!!!!! OFF OF A LE TOUX DROP!!! Off of the corner, Seitz makes a save out of a mess, then blasts the punt to Le Toux who left it to Mwanga who passed to Seba who messed up, but left it to Mapp who slotted it far-post. AWESOMENESS!!!
94-By the way, I love stoppage time goals.

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