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Revolution-Union, Aug 28, 2010, First Half

This is going to be typed in the style of a running diary. I’ll do my best to time stamp these lines by the minute of the game.
1- I like that we’re going to see Nakazawa and Jacobson from the start.
1-Not sure how I feel about the gold uniforms. Line the squad up, they look like Lil Wayne’s grill.
4-Sainey Nyassi is fast. He creates a 1-2 chance with Shalrie Joseph that made me a bit nervous.
5-Nakazawa cradled his “boyz” on the free kick. Ha ha ha.
6-Union are too bunched together. There is no space for anyone to make a play or even complete a pass.
8-Yes, Jordan Harvey, when more than half your team is on the other wing, you have no alternative but to play it back to your keeper.
11-Maybe I need a direct link to the Union bench. SPREAD OUT!!! FILL THE LANES!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!
12-The ball moves faster when you pass it than when you dribble it, son.
13-Nice little break, a failed cross makes it a moot point. I need a drink.
16-Never a good thing when more than half the time I have to ask myself “who the hell was that pass to?”
18-Le Toux gets hacked to draw a yellow and earn a free kick. And I discover this game is being officiated by Mario Reheda (spelling???) who is MLS’ Ed Hoculi.
22-The NE keeper’s name is Shuttleworth? I wonder if his teammates call him Jesus.
23-Mwanga just got Judo-thrown
24-Naka with a dangerous free kick, no shot on goal though, and the NE break out was promising, but the header off the cross went easily out of play.
28-Le Toux teases, makes a dangerous attempt but it’s blocked for a corner. The corner produces a left-foot shot from Naka who proves why he takes his free kickes with his right.
29-Migs gets a yellow. Maybe the foul on the ankle of Nyassi will take some of his pace away. Not likely though.
30-3 Union players can’t clear a ball in their feet and it ends up behind Seitz. 1-0 Revolution. This sucks.
31-Yet another opportunity for the season’s first shutout blown.
35-Very deft header by a Revs defender right to his keeper. Makes me wonder what it would be like if Union’s defense and keeper were on the same page.
36-Nyassi rocks the post and heads a ball just over the cross bar in the same possession. Chris Seitz will need to change his undies at half.
38-Sainey Nyassi may now be my favorite non-Union MLS player. It’s not a man-crush though. Not yet, at least.
A tackle on Coudet produces a straight red. On replay, it looks like Cory Gibbs was a victim of some Arjen Robben tactics by Eduardo Coudet. Should Union win, the academy award goes to Chacho.
43-I’ve been joined by my cats. Even they can see that Union lack spacing.
44-Shalrie Joseph = man amongst boys. And he’s got long dred locks. Samson theory. Someone should shave his head at half time.
45-AND…we’ve hit the half. Union are lucky to not be down 2-0. If I had longer hair, I would have pulled it out. They need new personnel in this game for the remainder if they hope to not lose before a crowd of about 45 people. Look for the 2nd half diary, plus post-game recap.

-Nick, the other .5 of Unholy Union

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