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This is long overdue

So, as I was sitting here talking about the recent loss the Philadelphia Union had, and various other things, a thought occured to me: “Is there a Philadelphia Union fan blog?”  Well, apparently there are… just not so up to date (May was the last update on one) and the other one is related to a fan based sports blogging site set up almost like a sports network.

Well, since we don’t want to bother with those sort of things, we’re running our stuff independently (through wordpress… um. yea).  We’re here to talk about the important things that matter with the union, from our perspective (god help anyone who takes it seriously).  Anywhere from player formations, what was going wrong (or right) with the game, why Danny Califf looks like he should be in Brian Setzer’s Orchestra, to is Moreno ever going to get a foul called in favor of him.

Sit back, relax.  Get to know what’s going on with the games and your Philadelphia Union (for the last third of the season).  And from time to time there will also be some other forms of soccer talked about, like those leagues called the Liga’s and Premier’s.  I hear they are something to watch.

We are in no rights affiliated with the Philadelphia Union, MLS, Sons of Ben fan club, or anything for that matter other than fans ourselves.  Just kind of have to make that clear.

-Dan K.  1/2 of Unholy Union.

And a note: Still working on settings and things with wordpress.  The look will change a little here and there until we get it right.

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